Curious How Peabody High Students Scored on the SAT in 2012?

According to the scores reported by the College Board and state education officials, Peabody's average scores rose by several points on the SAT in each subject, but those scores are still below the state averages.

Curious how Peabody High students did on this year's SATs?

Here’s your answer, straight from the numbers released this week by the College Board, which administers the test to high school juniors and seniors.

Peabody saw a drop in the number of test takers, and in line with the state trend in 2012, made gains in math and critical reading, picking up 7 points on average on each subject. Unlike the state average score for writing, however, Peabody saw similar gains in that subject as well -- 10 points.

That being said, Peabody is still below state averages in all three subject areas.

Check out the chart below:

2012 Average SAT Scores Test Takers Critical Reading Writing Math Peabody 260 493 491 509 State 506 500 523

Statewide, average scores increased 1 point on critical reading, remained flat on writing and 2 points on math, according to the state Department of Early and Secondary Education. State officials are also touting a 12-point gain on math over the past decade.

Bay State students are still scoring higher than their classmates across the nation. Nationally, the average score for public school pupils was 491 in critical reading, 482 in writing and 505 in math, all dropping by one to two points.

Under that comparison, Peabody is just above average scores in all three areas.

For some added perspective in Peabody, here are the results for the previous three years:

Average SAT Scores

Test Takers Critical Reading Writing Math 2011 306 486 481 502 2010 257
494 492 511 2009


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