TELL US: What's Your Top Issue in State Senate Race?

You've heard a lot from each of the candidates that will be squaring off in the primary on Sept. 6, so we want to hear from you -- what's this race all about for you?

The state primary is now less than a month away and the race to succeed Sen. Fred Berry is in full swing.

All four Democratic candidates vying for the 2nd Essex District seat have been pounding the campaign trail, shaking hands, holding signs and weighing in on pressing issues within the district and statewide as Sept. 6 nears.

And voters are presented with a wide breadth of experience between the four candidates, only one of which will face Republican Richard Jolitz in November.

Peabody attorney John Slattery is a former state representative and city councilor, fellow attorney Mary-Ellen Manning (who has both Peabody and Salem ties) has spent 11 years on the Governor's Council, Salem's Joan Lovely (also an attorney) is a popular eight-term city councilor and the current president of the Salem council and then there's Edward Carroll of Salem, a retired Essex County deputy sheriff who served one term on the Governor's Council in the 1990s.

Thus far, we've heard a lot of what each candidate has done or thinks on certain issues, so it's time to turn the podium over to you -- the voters of Peabody, Salem, Beverly, Danvers and Topsfield.

We want to hear from you

What's the most important consideration for you going into the polls on Sept. 6? What is this election about for you?

If you haven't decided who you're voting for yet, what do you think will most influence your choice in the coming days?

Weigh in via the comment section below, and as always, we ask that you refrain from personal attacks -- stick to the issues and the candidates.

Mike Schulze August 11, 2012 at 03:04 AM
Jeanne, Relax , it is not Anne and Sean lost.He never pulled any of this stuff.He ran and he and Ted are OK! I think we should stick to the issues of the 2nd Essex campaign. The same people are doing the same stuff to Eileen Duff. They are turning people against their candidates.Manning and Bulmiller were asked to disavow these people or agree with them.Their silence speaks volumes!
Stephen Raymond August 11, 2012 at 03:12 AM
OK Jaclyn we get it, you LIKE manning. But the articles asks "what's your top issue"
Leo R. Jodoin August 12, 2012 at 12:34 AM
For John & Lisa I heard you wanted to know more about the debate in Salem on 8/14/12 Salem Access here it is. Coming Tuesday August 14Th LIVE! at 7:00Pm on channel 22 Salem you can see the Senate forum debate on !!Salem Now!! with Leo Jodoin, the candidates will join Leo for questions and answers for the out going senators seat of Senator Fred Berry, the candidates joining Leo are Joan Lovely-D-Salem, Mary-Ellen Manning-D-Peabody, John Slattery-D-Peabody, Edward Carrol-D- Salem and Richard Jolitz-R-Beverly. This will be a hour and half show we hope this will be helpful in making your decision on who should be the candidate representing the 2Nd Essex District. And of course if you miss the LIVE! segment you can always watch the rerun on channel 22 or you can go to satvonline.org and see it on the video on demand the next day. We hope you will join us on what we think will be a very important evening. Thank You Executive Producer/Host !!Salem Now!! Leo R. Jodoin
Evan Weinberg August 15, 2012 at 03:29 AM
It will be a great day when we no longer have to put up with a hateful phony surrogate from the Slattery-Joyce Spiliotis mob like Lisa Smith! I have done my due diligence here, I have never met ANY of the candidates & am not part of their racketeering crew like "Lisa Smith". John Slattery is an arrogant, loud mouth bully, who changed his vote on the death penalty years ago because the Gay lobbyists PAID HIM OFF! I spoke with 2 former state reps who served with Slattery who CONFIRMED this is true! Recently, he was happy to represent a vicious child rapist for a large amount of cash! Slattery would be happy to represent Hitler if the price is right! Joan Lovely and Slattery have something in common. THEY BOTH REFUSE TO PAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN BILLS TO UNION PRINT SHOPS AND THEN LIE ABOUT IT! Lovely over the last month as presdent of the salem city council rammed thru a 40 percent increase in parking fines, a $300 annual parking fee with no guranteed space, a 9 percent increase in the water rate, a 4 percent increase in the sewer bill & to top it all off-salem is the only municipality to pass an INTERNET SALES TAX! I want someone that will fight the powerbrokers, represent the average folks not special interests, & promote jobs, the economy and lower taxes. Mary-Ellen Manning has angered the all the insiders, left wing extremists and crooks, inside the state house and the corrupt democratic party, which means she is doing something right. Mary-Ellen Manning gets my vote!
Janet Marino-Johnson August 15, 2012 at 04:03 AM
I just received a HIGHLY UNETHICAL MAILING FROM Joan Lovelys campaign. She sent absentee ballots out, stating, "its going to be a low turnout so I need your vote with an absentee ballot" OUTRAGEOUS! There are only 3 reasons for absentee ballot usage-NONE ARE FOR POLITICAL REASONS JOANIE! 1) Illness, 2)out of town, or 3)religious. Joan Lovely should be ASHAMED OF HERSELF! You owe the people an apology using such an dirty, unethical trick! DONT VOTE FOR JOAN LOVELY--VOTE EDWARD CARROLL STATE SENATE!


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