VIDEO: Lovely Talks Peabody During Campaign Kickoff Speech

Lovely tells supporters flood mitigation is on her agenda for Peabody.

Salem City Councilor Joan Lovely officially kicked off her campaign for the state Senate Sunday afternoon at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem and during her remarks, acknowledged she would seek to address some key issues in Peabody.

Lovely said voters can count on her to work with Mayor Ted Bettencourt to obtain funding for the multi-million dollar flood mitigation project downtown and school construction costs.

If elected, Lovely would replace veteran state Sen. Fred Berry (D-Peabody), . His district includes Beverly, Danvers, Peabody, Salem and Topsfield.

"The only endorsements I’m looking for belong to the voters," Lovely said, pledging that her campaign will be marked by honesty and determination.

include former Peabody state Rep. John Slattery (D-Peabody) and Governor's Councilor Mary-Ellen Manning (D-Peabody).

Chris Chatzi March 13, 2012 at 09:26 PM
This is curious. I wonder if she has spoken to Bettencourt on the flood mitigation issue. The statement is either missing facts or is advocating a promise she may not be able to keep since last November, Bettencourt successfully urged the city council to shelf the $18,000,000 bond authorization request for Project One Flood Mitigation.


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