'Massive' Snow Removal Planned Tonight for Downtown

Mayor Bettencourt says city plow crews will be out late Friday night clearing away snow from some major routes downtown to allow shoppers easier access to stores, restaurants and other places.

Mayor Ted Bettencourt says Main Street, Peabody Square, parts of Foster Street and other major routes downtown will be getting cleared out by plow crews tonight to help out businesses and make it easier for shoppers.

"Tonight at 10 p.m. we're going to be doing a massive snow removal operation," said Bettencourt. "People are having difficulty parking and we want to make it easier for the businesses to operate and make it easier to get to the restaurants and shops."

The City Council will also be sending a letter to downtown businesses as a reminder to shovel off their sidewalks to make foot traffic safer.

In regard to further street plowing citywide, Bettencourt says, that's mostly completed now, except for pushing snow back at bus stops and certain walkways near schools.

He added that there might be some isolated streets that receive attention as well.

"There were a couple neighborhoods that we didn't do a very good job on," he admits, but doesn't believe that overshadows the overall work of plow crews during this past weekend's blizzard.

"For a large majority of the city I think we did great work. We got two-and-a-half feet of snow," Bettencourt said. "There's going to be some difficulty here. A lot of times there's nowhere to put it; I think there has to be some patience and some understanding."

"We try to ask people to shovel their walkways, but it's difficult for people and I don't believe in fining people for not shoveling," he said. Simply put, the city is doing the best it can, he said.


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