Fire Chief Urges Residents to Help Dig Out Hydrants

Having clear access to a fire hydrant may save precious minutes in the event of a house fire in a residential neighborhood.

Peabody Fire Chief Steven Pasdon, along with city officials, encourages residents who are able to dig out fire hydrants in their neighborhoods.

There are literally thousands of fire hydrants across the city, and 28-1/2 inches of snow later, most of them are completely buried, which poses a safety risk in the event of a fire while crews spend precious moments trying to find and dig out the hydrant.

Pasdon said firefighters do spend a lot of time after a big storm locating and uncovering the hydrants, but again there are thousands and the department needs some help in that task.

"I can't stress enough how much I implore the residents...to try and get the hydrants in front of their houses. Neighbors should collectively do it," Pasdon said.

"It's just really important to get out there and get those hydrants shoveled out in the event we have a fire at someone's house or in their neighborhood," he said.


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