Parents of Athletes: Patch Needs You

If you're the parent of a Peabody athlete, help us out by submitting scores and photos.

If you're a parent of a Peabody athlete - whether in youth sports or at the high school level - Peabody Patch wants your help!

We're inviting parents of athletes to submit final scores, game highlights and/or photos of sporting events to our site. There are a number of ways to post it on Patch.

  1. Announce it. To post your own announcement, go to the home page, click on the news tab and click on "Announcements." In the top right corner, click on "Announce it to everyone!" to add your own announcement. This feature allows you to submit some game highlights and photos. This option involves no waiting -- whatever you post immediately shows up on the site.
  2. Blog it. Interested in submitting sports photos and/or game highlights on a semi-regular basis? Become a blogger! There are no requirements for how often you need to blog, but when you're ready to share your team's big win with the world, the tool is available to you. If you're interested in blogging, contact john.castelluccio@patch.com. This option also allows barely any waiting for your blog post to appear on the site.
  3. E-mail it. E-mail your photos, scores and highlights to john.castelluccio@patch.com and we'll get them posted.

By the way, if you have an event -- sporting or otherwise -- and you want the whole world to know, post it to our calendar by clicking here and clicking on "Add your own event" in the top right corner.

Peabody Patch is more than just a news site -- it's an information destination for your community. We always welcome your submissions and because you can post them yourself, there's no waiting involved. Thanks for continuing to support us.


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