Readers Weigh in on Worst Commuting Sections of Peabody

We asked our readers to chime in on where they thought the worst areas for commuters are in the Tanner City.

So as a follow-up to this week's data story on average commute times, we asked Peabody Patch readers their opinions on which parts of the city have the worst commutes?

"Don't get me started," one reader said, echoing a frustration voiced by numerous readers with most of the major routes in the city. Most of the ire, however, was directed at Main Street, Peabody Square and Lowell Street.

"The worst is Main Street, which also messes up Lowell Street. The Peabody Square project is a failure. It was supposed to benefit the downtown businesses but I avoid going on Main Street at all costs now and I know many others do too, so how does that help the businesses?" one reader opined.

Another reader said: "The new arrangement in Peabody Square is going to be the death of me and this was before Halloween traffic. It's really that bad."

"Oh my, worst commutes you ask, oh... By all means that joke called Main Street and how long lol forever!!! Really, all joking aside Main Street is an epic fail!!" another reader said.

Other congested spots mentioned were Summit, Lynnfield, Lynn and Margin streets, and Route 114.

"Summit st to Lynnfield st - I live by the Sunoco - GOD help me, I'm sick of seeing my house and not being able to get to it - GOD FORBID I want to take my kid to the Y between 4 and 7...that's pretty much my night!" wrote another exasperated reader.


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