Shopping for a Christmas Tree Around Peabody

Here are some local places where you can pick up a tree this year, be it live, artificial, tall or short.

Still need to buy a tree? There are a number of local places selling them.
Still need to buy a tree? There are a number of local places selling them.
Do you have a favorite place you patronize each year? Looking for somewhere new to buy a Christmas tree? Here are some places around Peabody to buy a tree this year, be it a live one or artificial, full-sized or pint-sized.

  1. Brooksby Farm, 54 Felton St. In addition to the farm store, where you can also pick up a decorated basket and other holiday gifts and goodies, the tree yard is open daily from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Live pre-cut trees are offered in a range of prices and sizes, and there are also wreaths, roping and boughs for sale.
  2. Northeast Nursery, 234 Newbury St. The nursery is open daily, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., and offers both live pre-cut and artificial Christmas trees. And for those looking to buy a live a tree, the experts over there have put together some helpful hints.
  3. Christmas Eve, 150 Newbury St. Ten months out of the year, it's just Budget Pools, but for November and December, the Route 1 store transforms for the holidays into Christmas Eve. The store offers articial trees and just about any other Christmas decoration you could think of.
  4. Tillies Flower Shop, 189 Lynn St. Tillies sells live pre-cut trees at its South Peabody garden center. Call the shop at 978 531-7178 for more information.
  5. Gibney Gardens, 15 South Liberty St. in Danvers. Gibney's usually has a plethora of live pre-cut trees to choose from, along with kissing balls and wreaths.
  6. Kane's Flower World, 64 Andover St. in Danvers. Kane's has a whole yard full of pre-cut trees to peruse.
  7. Ann & Hope Curtain & Bath Outlet, 20 Archmeadow Dr. in Danvers (off Route 1 South). Christmas trees, etc.
  8. Holiday Tree Farm, 132 Salem Rd. in Topsfield (off Route 1). Take a ride up to the tree farm and you can pick and chop down your own tree.

Do you know of any other places in Peabody or nearby selling trees this year? Let us know in the comments section below.


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