Lyons, Dunne Plan to Enter Peabody State Rep Races

Nomination papers won't be available for another few weeks, but contested races for state office are already shaping up for this fall.

Democrat school board member Beverley Griffin Dunne says she will challenge Republican Leah Cole again for the 12th Essex District. Credit: File photo
Democrat school board member Beverley Griffin Dunne says she will challenge Republican Leah Cole again for the 12th Essex District. Credit: File photo
The state election this fall is going to be spirited as is with a full-on governor's race and Republican Richard Tisei now signaling another run at Congressman John Tierney, but Peabody voters will likely have two other animated local elections to decide as well.

Peabody Republican Tom Lyons released an announcement Wednesday, saying he will kick off his campaign Feb. 13 at Supino's Restaurant in Danvers to challenge longtime state Rep. Ted Speliotis.

Speliotis, a Democrat, represents West Peabody, Danvers and part of Middleton now in the 13th Essex District and is one of the most senior members of the Mass. House of Representatives. He's served nearly 30 years in the House.

Lyons lives in West Peabody, but is a Danvers native and graduated from Danvers High in 1981. He owns C.K. Lyons Plumbing & Heating Co. and is a Lt. Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol and commander of the Beverly Composite Squadron at Beverly Airport.

The past two elections Speliotis successfully fought off challenges from Danvers Republican Selectman Dan Bennett. It remains to be seen how Lyons' ties to both Danvers and Peabody play out in the race.

Meanwhile, Peabody Democrat and longtime School Committee member Beverley Griffin Dunne says she does intend to run again for the 12th Essex District seat held by Republican Leah Cole. That district covers most of the city and one precinct in West Peabody.

Cole edged out Dunne by 73 votes in a three-way special election last April with city councilor and local businessman Dave Gravel. Dunne said then she planned to run in 2014.

The election chose a successor to Peabody Democrat Joyce Spiliotis, who died in office in November 2012.

Cole, who lives in South Peabody, has not officially said at this point whether she intends to run in 2014. Her ward councilor, however, is contemplating entering the race.

Barry Osborne, who is among the city's majority of unenrolled voters and a state employee with the Mass. Bay Commuter Railroad, tells the Salem News he's thinking about running for the seat as an unenrolled or independent candidate.

Osborne has been the Ward 1 Councilor since 2000.

No potential candidates have surfaced yet to indicate whether they will mount a challenge to state Sen. Joan Lovely for the 2nd Essex District.

Nomination papers won't be available until Feb. 11 and must be filed by May 27 for district races. The state primary will be held Sept. 9.
parent January 23, 2014 at 11:59 AM
Osborn wants to run why?? What in fact has he ever done for the city??? Did they not learn from the last go around about splitting the race or is that the plan?
Robin January 23, 2014 at 01:15 PM
Anyone who wishes to run for this or any office has every right to run. We should not question a person's motives rather get to know the individual running, research the issues and cast our ballots. May the best candidate prevail.
Andrew Denaro January 23, 2014 at 01:53 PM
@mom Splitting the race? Seriously? I think we're all very lucky that Leah Cole came out on top as a result of the last election.... or are you one of those people who only votes for a candidate based on the letter by the candidates name?
Bob Croce January 30, 2014 at 01:14 PM
Andrew, Leah definitely won fair and square last time, but the fact that Dunne and Gravel split the vote was a major reason for her upset victory. I think that's "Mom's" point here. If Barry gets in, he will hurt Dunne more than he hurts Leah when it comes to votes.
parent January 31, 2014 at 09:04 AM
Robin, not question a candidates motives? We live in age age of corruption among elected officials we NEED to know why they want to run and what they think they can accomplish otherwise we are wasting 2 years of progress for Peabody. Andrew Peabody is very conservative in its state & federal votes but the numbers show the vote was close between Dunn & Cole. I am sure that of all the votes for Gravel at least 89 would have voted for Dunn had he not been in the race and that is all she would have needed to win so yes the vote was split between the to biggest vote getters in the race.


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