Catch up on any big news you missed this week in Peabody.

Did you miss anything this week? Click on the headlines below to read up on any big stories you missed from this week on Peabody Patch.

  1. Two Men Arrested After Knife Fight; Man Threatens Bartender With Knife
  2. Peabody in the Wake of the Blizzard
  3. Peabody Schools Closed Monday as Blizzard Cleanup Continues
  4. How Much Snow Did Peabody Get?
  5. Man Charged With OUI After Crashing SUV in His Driveway and Fleeing Scene
  6. City Council Gives First Raise to Peabody Mayor in 12 Years
  7. Peabody Schools Back Open Tuesday
  8. Blizzard Cleanup Continues; Mayor Says Great Job By Plow Crews in 'Extreme Conditions'


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