Brooksby Pats Fans Pull Out 'Super' Movie [VIDEO]

Residents and staff at Brooksby Village put together a short video to cheer on the New England Patriots as they head into the Super Bowl on Sunday.

You're never too old to be a die-hard Pats fan.

Mickey Ratte and some fellow residents at showed off their Patriots pride recently, filming a one-minute video about trekking all the way down to Indianapolis to cheer on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl at the behest of team owner Robert Kraft.

The 950-mile journey, of course, only occurred between Ratte's apartment and a superimposed background with Lucas Oil Stadium.

The video, which was posted to YouTube on Wednesday and subsequently picked up by various Boston media outlets, starts out with Ratte, wearing her Patriots jersey, fast asleep in her bedroom.

She is suddenly woken up by an early morning phone call, however, and hears Kraft on the other end, asking her and other Brooksby fans to join the team in Indy.

Promising to see him there, she rolls out of bed and the scene cuts to a car sporting a Brooksby Village logo, as several seniors climb out to gather outside Lucas Oil Stadium -- a superimposed shot of the stadium, that is.

Accompanying the fans' cheers and some colorful graphics is the Dropkick Murphys' "Shipping up to Boston."

Brooksby spokeswoman Dani Baldassare said Ratte and the team came up with the idea about a week ago, filmed the scenes on Monday and then had some help from the staff at the internal video studio at Brooksby in editing the movie and posting it to YouTube.

The film stars residents Pat King, Ratte, Bob Mehrman, Bill Burke, Rhoda Barker, Cliff Brow, Jack VanDe Krol and Eileen Layton, and Brooksby employee Mike Warren.

Anne Manning-Martin February 03, 2012 at 12:15 PM
This is awesome!!!! Go Brooksby!


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