School Board to Review 2012 MCAS Results

The Peabody School Committee and school administrators will review the district MCAS results Tuesday night from this past spring. Once again, Peabody students lagged behind state averages on math and science.

School officials will formally review the district MCAS results from this past spring during the School Committee's Tuesday night session.

Superintendent Joseph Mastrocola, Assistant Superintendent Cara Murtagh and a staff leadership team will present an analysis of the results to the committee. The meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. in the gymnasium at the Kiley School.

Once again, Peabody students lagged behind state averages on math and science. although they did make some marginal progress over last year's scores, primarily in science and technology.

On the English Language Arts (ELA) portion of the exam, Peabody again met the state average of 69 percent for proficient or higher scores, but still trailed behind in math by the same margin, which is now 54 percent versus 59.

Science and technology/engineering scores, however, improved to 53 percent for proficient and higher, up from 50 percent overall last year, and now trail the state average by just 1 percent.

Saber Walsh October 23, 2012 at 01:25 PM
If you were to leave out the names of the superintendent and school committee members, and just change the data to reflect the results of the MCAS exams, you could publish the same headline almost year after year, going all the way back to when the MCAS exam started. Then, after the headlines come out, we are fed the same simplistic but believable statements like, "how can teachers teach in old buildings?" to "many of our kids don't grow up speaking English, how can we hold them to the same level of expectation as everybody else?" So in Peabody we continue to elect "career politicians" who have no interest in opening up these discussions. We hire superintendents who are paid obscenely well who are "uber politicians" expert at looking good, saying the right things, and showing up at key events, but either have no interest or skill in improving education. And we have some great teachers who are overshadowed by clunkers who are NOT supervised to ANY degree at all. So when we look at these results and go, "Gee, where else can we spend our money," we should instead say, "We are racing Lynn to the bottom," we have nobody but ourselves to blame. Until SOMEBODY'S job is on the line, we will see the same headline next year, and the year after, and....
Greg October 24, 2012 at 02:00 AM
I'm sad to see this story not be commented on more. Even if your primary concern is we're not getting our monies worth for what were paying. These results should not be sugar-coated at all. There should be no statement about "slight" improvements. The scores put the city in the bottom 25% of all scores throughout the state, and in many cases the bottom 10-15%. These scores are a disgrace and I tend to agree with the last poster that "jobs" should be on the line.


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