Peabody Schools Below State Averages on MCAS

Tanner City students cumulatively scored below state averages on the spring 2013 MCAS in ELA, math and science with a margin of 2-4 percentage points.

For the first time in recent memory, Peabody students' English Language Arts scores on the MCAS have also come in below the state average.

Results on the spring 2013 MCAS were recently released by the state, and at first glance, Peabody students have shown an overall decline in achieving proficient or higher scores in the three subject areas tested -- ELA, math and science/technology. (See 2012 results here)

ELA is down 3 points to 66 percent (the state average is 69 percent), math dropped by 2 points to 52 percent (the state average is 61 percent) and science by 4 points to 49 percent (the state average is 53 percent).

Likewise, Peabody students trailed state averages across all three subjects in the Needs Improvement category, but only were below average in the Warning/Failing category on math.

Superintendent Joe Mastrocola told School Committee members this week he and his staff were still pouring over the numbers and would have a detailed presentation in the coming weeks.

He did say packets would be sent out to parents by the end of the week.

Across the state, the average for ELA scores held steady, while math increased by 2 points and science/technology dipped 1 point from last year's scores. Students are tested on the MCAS between grades 3 and 10.

More detailed reporting on this year's MCAS scores to come.
Greg September 28, 2013 at 08:07 PM
So Mark are you advocating we just shut the high school down and make 9th grade the last grade for all Peabody students? While I applaud the work you've done without a HS diploma, I would bet your the exception. Education is the foundation for a successful life and as a community we should be jointly advocating for better performing schools.
Diane Durkee September 28, 2013 at 11:04 PM
If the so-called regular/normal child is not receiving what is needed for him/her to be an achiever; just imagine what the child with special needs is receiving. Parents, with children who have special needs, have to "fight" the Peabody School System every inch of the way and still their children are being left behind. This has not changed since my children were attending the Peabody Schools in the '70's and 80's.
mark September 28, 2013 at 11:22 PM
I don't advocate shutting down the high schools but you need to realize that the educational system is an extension of big government and they want your kids to fail to justify high taxes! They should be teaching job and life skills in the schools and not this socialism garbage. I learned more from google, YouTube and Wikipedia than I ever did in the public school system. They don't want to teach skills in high school because the government in collusion with banks want you and your kids to borrow 150k for college and indebt them cause its big business for them! Also I'm sad to say that your teachers unions run your school system and parents have no say!
parent September 29, 2013 at 09:27 AM
This has been a long standing problem. It is covered up by the SC with happy statements like 'we are doing better' 'This will help get us to a higher level' and my favorite 'overall we see improvement' Until you change out the entire sc with people who have the background in education you will get the same results. Peabody votes for their friends regardless of if they are any good at the post. And does anyone really think you should just graduated high school? No the plan is to graduate college, and until the SC understand that graduating college is harder than getting into college there will be no change in anything. It does a student no good to get into college and struggle to stay their because they were not prepared. And ye the educatio in peabody has been going down for the 16 years i have had kids in the system. I have watched many try to help stop the decline but in the end it is the SC that needs to do that and they only want to be 'friends' and have 'conversations' Its like Nero watching Rome burn!
Kathleen September 29, 2013 at 12:34 PM
I agree with mom, the problem lies with a school committee that is too complacent and the parents in Peabody who continually elect them. Think about it for a minute, we have people on our school committee who have been serving for close to 20 years! All the while the schools have continued to decline and all we ever get is excuses not solutions. New blood is needed. We've made a few strides with some new faces over the last few years but the majority of the school committee members have been serving too long. Many have gone from serving on the City Council to running for the SC and vice versa. We have a 'new' principal but he's actually not 'new' at all. He has been the assistant principal at the high school for years. I think promoting from within has actually damaged the school system more than helped it. Just my opinion. Sometimes you need to go out of your comfort zone if you want real change. It seems like the majority of voters in Peabody aren't capable of doing that. The result is that we are now a Gateway city with a school system that is subpar. You only get ONE chance with your child's education. Many people have waited around hoping for the improvements that have been promised but many others have decided that they just can't wait any more. The result being that more and more people are opting for school choice in other districts or sacrificing financially to send their kids to private schools. It's amazing how many teachers and other city employees do not send their kids to the high school. That should be a wake up call to Peabody parents.


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