Interim Hires Made for Carroll Principal and Special Ed Director

Both vacant positions have now been filled on a temporary basis until permanent hires can be made.

Peabody school officials announced today that both the principal position at the and the special education director post have been filled on an interim basis.

Paul Guerrette, a retired elementary school principal from Reading, will serve as the temporary principal at the Carroll, the city's largest elementary school, while Joan Endicott returns to Peabody to lead the special education department until a permanent hire is made.

At his last post before retiring, Guerrette led a successful effort to have the school selected by state education officials as one of seven schools in Massachusetts to be designated a Carnegie School. The 1988 educational reform initiative promoted new practices and governance structures in schools.

The school was also recognized in 2006 for achieving excellence in several major categories of school performance.

Guerrette was named Massachusetts Elementary Principal of the Year in 1994.

“To have the leadership experience of Mr. Gurrette as the principal of the Carroll School for a year will be an advantage for the Carroll School and district,” said Superintendent Joe Mastrocola in an announcement. “Mr. Gurrette has outstanding communication skills that serve both students and parents well.”

Mastrocola says the search for a permanent hire will begin in late fall and include input from various members of the school community. Former Carroll School Principal Cara Murtagh was .

Endicott spent 17 years in the Peabody Public Schools before moving on to become the Director of Student Support Services in the Manchester-Essex Regional School District.

“Joan’s experience and knowledge of our school district and her organization and management skill set is a perfect match for our school district,” said Mastrocola. “Her value in collaborating with colleagues, forming partnerships with staff, parents and students, and developing positive and cost-effective programs to meet the needs of special education students will help us tremendously during our leadership transition in the special education area.”

He said a search team is beginning to interview now for the permanent position. "The hope is to have a candidate in place as soon as possible."

Former Special Education Director Steven Stone become superintendent of that district.

Johnny D. August 01, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Why can't Peabody just hire someone for a job? Why must they play this "interim" game almost every time a position needs to be filled? Superintendent, high school principal, carroll school principal, special ed director.... is it lack of planning, or are qualified applicants avoiding Peabody? Are we waiting to appoint one of the "good ole boys" already experienced in the system (like we did with the superintendent)? As of today the "special ed director," "high school principal" and "carroll school principal" positions are STILL not listed on the Peabody Public Schools website (http://www.schoolspring.com/jobs/index.cfm?employer=10869). Does interim mean, "hey, at least we can put this off another year"? Interim SHOULD mean the person is a placeholder while the city diligently searches for a permanent solution.... What's going on? Do these retired administrators (Guerrette, Sapienza, Levine) still collect a pension while collecting a paycheck with the City of Peabody (double-dipping)? Does the label "interim" allow them to do so? Time for Peabody to get on the ball.


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