Fairfax County Schools Close Early on Wednesday

All Fairfax County Public Schools will close early on Wednesday for Thanksgiving break.

All Fairfax County Public Schools will close two hours early this Wednesday to help school buses avoid the increased traffic related to Thanksgiving travel. 

The policy to close early on the day before Thanksgiving has been in effect the past few years. Thanksgiving weekend traffic is traditionally heaviest on Wednesday afternoon.

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Superintendent Jack Dale has issued guidelines regarding the closing: 

Schedules for Head Start, preschool, alternative learning centers, and intervention support programs will have special modified hours coordinated by transportation and program staff members. 

All other FCPS classes will be dismissed two hours earlier than the regular Tuesday through Friday closing schedule. Limited preapproved school activities will be allowed, but regular late buses are canceled. 

Exact pickup times for students will be arranged by the Office of Transportation Services. Afternoon career, technical education and academy classes will be canceled for all students who are taken to high school academies, specialized programs or nonschool-based locations. 

Recreation programs will take place as scheduled. School Age Child Care programs will be available for students until 6:15 p.m. or until the last child in attendance is picked up. 

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Scott B November 20, 2012 at 02:50 PM
Can someone tell me the regular hours of the fairfax schools< mon and tues- fri? I heard that schools are cutting hours (or have) for suppossedly budget reasons. But I am not sure how closing school amd dumbing down education further really helps a budget, but I assume that teachers pay goes down the correspnding amoun right? (Sarcasm noted). But as a parent of 2 young boys not yet school age, hours of time in school is very important to me. And someone said Mondays are now half days and others days have been cut --- which seems self defeating. Any one give me details? thanks
Beth Lawton November 21, 2012 at 02:13 AM
It depends on the school and the age, but, for example, Fort Hunt Elementary School is usually in 8:35 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. on Mondays, and 8:35 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Teacher work days, parent-teacher conferences and other factors can change that. For your school, check the school's website or call the individual school and ask.
Scott B November 21, 2012 at 02:19 PM
thanks beth!


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