Who Was There With Fred?

State Sen. Fred Berry has represented his hometown of Peabody and the rest of the 2nd Essex District for three decades. Do you know who served with him who's still on Beacon Hill now?

Here’s a bit of election trivia for you that goes back 30 years or more.

As you know, Peabody native after this year, which is his 15th term. How many sitting state senators were in office on Beacon Hill when Berry was first elected to represent the 2nd Essex District, do you know?

As the Dean of the Senate with 30 years, you’d think the answer was “none,” but it’s not. The correct number is two…but they didn’t actually serve with Berry in the Senate until years later.

Senators Tom Kennedy (D-Brockton) and Richard Moore (D-Uxbridge) were both in the House of Representatives at the time, along with four other representatives who are still sitting in the House.

Rep. Angelo Scaccia (D-Readville) was first elected in 1972 while Rep. James Miceli (D-Wilmington) was elected in 1976 and Peabody native Ted Speliotis (D-Danvers) was first elected in 1978 (although he did not serve continuously). Moore was first elected in 1976 and was in the House until 1994, and Kennedy and Rep. Byron Rushing (D-Boston) were both elected in 1982 along with Berry (Kennedy ascended to the Senate in 2009).


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