What You Need to Know for Tuesday's City Election

Here's the 4-1-1 on who's on the ballot Tuesday and where you need to go to vote.

Tuesday is the city's general election to decide who Peabody's next mayor will be and a number of other important elected posts. The polls are open from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. There will be no school on Tuesday.

Here's a rundown of everyone you'll find on the ballot:


For two-year-term, vote for one

Edward A. Bettencourt, Jr.
1 America Dr.
Sean R. Fitzgerald
6 Elaine Ave.


For two-year-term, vote for five

Michael V. Garabedian (incumbent) 39 Murray St. Thomas L. Gould 9 Abington Ave.
Russell P. Donovan 12 Quail Rd. Anne Manning-Martin (incumbent) 37 Dexter St.
James K. Liacos (incumbent) 3 Cosmos Dr. David Gravel (incumbent) 20 Tara Rd. Robert A. Croce, Jr.
128 Goodale St.

Ward Councilor

For two-year-term, vote for one

Ward 1

Robert D. Forti 2 Newhall Pl. Barry P. Osborne (incumbent)
3 Calas Cir. Ward 2

Arthur W. Athas (incumbent)
26 Lynnfield St.
Ward 3
Rico E. Mello (incumbent) 30 Highland Pk. Thomas K. Serino 15 Abington Ave. Ward 4
Robert E. Driscoll (incumbent) 66 Franklin St.
Ward 5
David R. Gamache (incumbent) 252 Newbury St. #72
Ward 6
Barry C. Sinewitz (incumbent) 62 Catherine Dr.

School Committee

For four-year-term, vote for three

David D. McGeney (incumbent)
52 Samoset Rd.
Brandi L. Carpenter (incumbent)
1 Smoke Rise Cir.
Edward A. Charest (incumbent)
7 Columbus Rd.
Bernard G. Russell
55 Proctor Cir.

Municipal Light Commission

For six-year-term, vote for one

Dennis M. Feld 192 Lowell St. Thomas M. D'Amato (incumbent) 14 Samoset Rd.
Brian A. Birmingham 21 Louis Rd. William C. Aylward 3 Bradford Rd.
For two-year-term, vote for one
Charles W. Bonfanti
15 Longstreet Rd.

Trustees of the Peabody Institute Library

For six-year-term, vote for four

Tracy M. Valletti
20 Emerson St.
Dianne M. Gagnon Caputo
151 Bartholomew St.
Linda J. Quigley
6 Woodlawn Ave.
Richard A. Heath 35R Margin St. Martha L. Cavanaugh (incumbent) 3 Litchfield Rd. For two-year-term, vote for one
Jean A. Ahearn
12 Peabody Rd.

Now that you know who's on the ballot, read on for more information onf where to vote. Polls are located at the following places identified in the chart. If you don't know which precinct you're in, call the City Clerk's office at 978-538-5756.

Ward 1

140 Lynn St.
240 Lynnfield St.
140 Lynn St.
Ward 2

50 Swampscott Ave. 2-2 50 Swampscott Ave. 2-3 16 Maple St. Ext. Ward 3

3-1 Our Lady of Fatima Church 50 Walsh Ave. 3-2 Our Lady of Fatima Church 50 Walsh Ave. 3-3 Wilson Terrace Rec Hall 15A Wilson Ter. Ward 4

4-1 1 King St. Ext. 4-2 1 King St. Ext. 4-3

485 Lowell St. 4-3A Macintosh Clubhouse 300 Brooksby Village Dr. Ward 5

5-1 21 Johnson St. 5-2 21 Johnson St. 5-3 76 Lake St. Ward 6

6-1 15 Bow St. 6-2 127 Birch St. 6-3 127 Birch St.


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