Tisei Not Running in Special Senate Election

He had been considering a run after former Sen. Scott Brown declined to enter the race.

Former Massachusetts Senate minority leader Richard Tisei announced that he will not run after all in the special Senate election to fill the seat vacated by John Kerry.

On Friday, after former Sen. Scott Brown announced that he won't run for the seat, all eyes turned to Tisei, who announced he was considering running.

But on Saturday, Tisei put a stop to that, citing bad timing and a desire to see others have a shot at the seat.

"I've been humbled by so many people who've urged me to run for this seat, following Senator Scott Brown's decision not to run on Friday," Tisei wrote in a statement Saturday night. "I believe it's imperative that the Republican party put forward a strong candidate who can help bring much-needed change to Washington."

"Unfortunately, the timing is simply not right for me to do so -- deeply as I feel about the need to strongly compete in this election," he said.

Tisei added that he wanted to make his decision as quickly as possible to let others jump into the race if they want to, and he indicated that he would like to see new faces step up and run for office.

"We have many talented people from all walks of life who should get involved in the political system to bring about change," Tisei wrote. "The political class ought not be a select few. That's part of the reason that we're in such a mess and that our political system has become dysfunctional."

Tisei, who served in the legislature for 26 years, ran as Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker's running mate in 2010. Baker lost in that election to incumbent Gov. Deval Patrick.

Tisei then ran for Congress in the Massachusetts 6th District race against Democratic incumbent Congressman John Tierney in 2012. Tierney won that election after a heated campaign in which Tisei gathered strong support throughout the district -- the race was ultimately decided by less than one percentage point.

Tisei hasn't ruled out a future run for office and seems to want to stick around in one way or another.

"Whether as a candidate or concerned citizen, I will continue to be involved with other men and women of integrity who share my desire for real reforms," he wrote.

Two Democrats have already announced their run for the Senate seat: who represents the 5th Congressional District, along with who represents the 8th Congressional District. 

The primary election is set for April 30, and the general election will be held on June 25.

Bruce Atkins February 04, 2013 at 08:24 PM
That's too bad. We can be guaranteed of ultra, out of control spending and additional "working people funded" abusive entitlement programs with this boatload of thieving thugs the voters seem to keep re-electing. I believed Richard Tisei was the best candidate for the 6th district congressional seat, and I believe the legitimate voters elected him. But then came in the illegitimate votes out of Lynn and lo and behold, the candidate with no morals or ethics got re-elected. There is way too much unethical behavior in politics today and it's a turn off for the average voter.


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