Q&A With Ward 3 City Council Candidate Tom Serino

The primary election in Ward 3 is Sept. 17. The polls are open from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Tom Serino is running for Ward 3 on the Peabody City Council. Credit: File photo
Tom Serino is running for Ward 3 on the Peabody City Council. Credit: File photo
This is one of three Q&As with the candidates running for Ward 3 on the Peabody City Council. The primary election is Tuesday, Sept. 17.

  • Name: Thomas Serino
  • Age: 64
  • Occupation: Sales representative
  • Political office: None

Peabody Patch: What is the most important issue in Ward 3 and what needs to be done about?

Tom Serino: When it comes to important issues in Ward 3, there are different issues for each section of the ward.

In speaking with the people in the Pulaski Street area, there are the concerns on zoning, noise, traffic and bus parking. I hope to work with the residents and businesses on the issue, so I can get a better handle on the situation.

The bridge on Howley Street is in need of repair and we have to work with businesses to come up with a solution for having the work done. This road is busy and handles a large amount of daily traffic. Senior residents expressed concerns on safety, traffic and late night noise and neighborhood noise. I will try to meet with them on a regular basis as well as the police on specific issues.

Concerns for the Gardner Park section are water main breaks and how it would be possible to do a complete repair vs. repairing sections as they break.

Traffic lights at the intersection of Route 114 (Andover Street) and Esquire Drive are a concern for the residents exiting onto Route 114. Possible study and plan with the state on helping to control traffic as old plan is outdated.

I plan on listening and responding to concerns and will have the residents of Ward 3 as my main responsibility making sure to work with them and represent them for the city of Peabody. Consider all sides of the issue before voting and being committed to get things done.

Patch: What do you see as the most pressing issue for the City Council to address (more on a citywide basis)?

Serino: In looking over the pressing issues, economic development of the downtown area needs to be continued. For many years, Peabody has been considered a pass through going to Salem, Danvers, Lynn, Marblehead, Swampscott and other North Shore towns. We need to create venues in Peabody for people to come utilize us as a destination location. I feel with a developer purchasing the buildings in downtown and with the remodeling plans proposed, it is a reason to get excited about the revitalization of the downtown. With the new traffic patterns and sidewalk remodels, this is the first step of many to the future of Peabody.

Development of areas along Walnut Street with an arts and entertainment area, drawing restaurants and possible theater district and additional residences.

An area that has been talked about for many years is the RiverWalk from Peabody to Salem. This would help in bringing us closer to a destination location. There would be a chance to increase parking and possibility of a parking garage in some of the vacant land. Long range plans with a real possibility. Working with Mayor Bettencourt and the City Council, I would like the opportunity to see it work.

Patch: Do you have a humorous or interesting anecdote to share from your campaign so far?

Serino: Two candidates' signs showing up on the same house lots. I think we should try for three candidates together.


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