Peabody Goes for Lynch, Gomez in Senate Primary

Here's how Peabody voted in the U.S. Senate Primary on Tuesday. Overall turnout was 17 percent of registered voters.

The race to become Massachusetts' next U.S. Senator now comes down to Democrat Congressman Ed Markey and Republican businessman and former Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez.

Tuesday in Peabody, Gomez secured a solid victory over his Republican opponents Michael Sullivan and Dan Winslow as he did statewide, but it was Democrat Congressman Stephen Lynch who bucked the larger trend with a 164-vote margin over Markey.

Here's a look at the local results:

Senator in Congress

DEMOCRAT Stephen Lynch 2,236 52% Edward Markey 2,072 48% Total votes 4,327 REPUBLICANS Gabriel Gomez 839 50% Michael Sullivan 561 33% Daniel Winslow 259 15% Total votes 1,680


Overall turnout for the special election primary to eventually succeed former Sen. John Kerry was 17 percent in Peabody, slightly higher than City Clerk Tim Spanos had predicted. The total number of registered voters is about 35,100.

"I'll take it," Spanos said Tuesday night. He said he hopes the final election on June 25 gets a larger turnout, although it's still a "weird time of the year" to have an election.

Spanos said the publicity and campaigning efforts will likely ramp up over the next two months, but it is the first time in his 30 years in the clerk's office that he can recall ever having an election in June.

Saber Walsh May 01, 2013 at 12:18 PM
This goes to show that Peabody still has some "old time values," as Lynch represents one of the last of the "lunch pail" Democrats. That Markey has ANYBODY interested in him is frightening, but to have him against Gomez? With all respect to Mr Gomez, who deserves our respect, as a representative he's already jumped the shark with his letter to His Royal Highness Deval Patrick. Pleeeease, can't somebody find anybody else?
Susan Sturgeon May 01, 2013 at 02:50 PM
My question is where are the "progressive" Democrats in Peabody?


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