Peabody Disc Golf Ribbon Cutting on Thursday

The ceremony was postponed earlier this month.

Disc golf is now in Peabody. Photo credit: Explore Disc Golf.
Disc golf is now in Peabody. Photo credit: Explore Disc Golf.
The rescheduled ribbon cutting of the new Peabody Disc Golf at Scouting Woods is planned for 2 p.m. Thursday, June 26 at 100 Summit St. 

An earlier ribbon cutting was postponed because of rain. The weather forecast is predicting possible rain for Thursday afternoon, but as of now, the ribbon cutting is still planned. 

The new disc golf course serves two purposes: it will provide another recreational facility for Peabody residents and it will help with flood mitigation in the area. 

"The introduction of disc golf in Peabody is a testament to the ingenuity of our Community Development team," said Mayor Ted Bettencourt. "In order to obtain the land for the Scouting Way Retention Basin, which is designed to hold back millions of gallons of storm water that would otherwise flow downtown, the city was required to dedicate some portion of the parcel for recreation.  Our planners decided upon building a nine-hole disc golf course owing to its low-cost maintenance requirements and the relative quiet, unobtrusive nature of disc golf competition.

"The result is a huge step forward in terms of our ongoing efforts to reduce flooding as well as a nice addition to the recreational opportunities we offer to residents and visitors alike," he said. 

Explore Disc Golf worked with city of Peabody engineers and outside contractors “to compliment the detention basin that will take up more than half the site,” according to the company.

The course is designed both for beginners as well as experienced disc golfers. 


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