Peabody City Hall Goes Wireless

Bring your laptops, tablets or smart phones with you.

If you're heading to to pay a bill or attend a public meeting, well you now can easily check your email, update your Twitter and Facebook accounts or just surf the Web while you're there.

Mayor Ted Bettencourt announced today that City Hall now has free wireless Internet access for all.

“We need to adapt to changing times,” Bettencourt said. “Peabody residents and others doing business at City Hall should have access to the same 21st century technology that they utilize in other areas of their lives.”

Until now, employees in the building didn't even have a wireless internal network to use.

According to Bettencourt, this is just the beginning of improving access to technology and streamlining the customer service experience for anyone doing business with the city.

“Certainly I want to explore any and all opportunities to increase our bandwidth throughout the city of Peabody,” Bettencourt said. “Taxpayers have every right to expect their city government to operate efficiently and economically. We will continue to leverage the technology at our disposal to achieve that goal.”


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