Peabody City Council Joins Effort to Repeal State Technology Tax

Councilors voted to urge the city's state delegation to support a repeal of the new tax.

Peabody City Hall
Peabody City Hall

In line with the efforts by many business leaders and advocates in Massachusetts, and now key state lawmakers, the Peabody City Council is also calling for the new state technology tax to be repealed.

The Salem News reports Ward 6 Councilor Barry Sinewitz, who is a small business owner, introduced a motion at the council's Sept. 12 session to ask Peabody's state delegation to support repealing the law along with the changes to the gas tax, which now cause it to automatically rise with the rate of inflation. 

The council voted unanimously in favor of the motion, except for At-Large Councilor Jim Liacos, who voted "present." He told the Salem News he didn't know enough about either tax measure to make an informed decision.    


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