Parking Ban Now Lifted in Peabody

Residents can park on the street again without fear of getting a ticket or tow.

The emergency parking ban was lifted as of 7:15 p.m. Sunday, according to Peabody police. Residents can now park on the street again.

It was a short-lived ban, in comparison to last weekend, that's for sure.

Leading up to that historic blizzard, the ban went into effect Friday morning and wasn't lifted until Tuesday afternoon. This time, the ban was declared around 9 a.m. on Sunday and rescinded about 10 hours later.

The difference in snowfall (of about 2 feet) did have something to do with it, although Sunday's storm was tagged as a "mini-blizzard" by meteorologists.

Police did also write several parking tickets Sunday as well for cars still out in violation of the ban.

J. Frye February 18, 2013 at 01:46 AM
I can't believe we waited this long to institute this kind of ban....so much better then the "no cars from november to march" kind of ban! I think it's working great...and hope that we can continue implementing it in the future1


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