Manning Finishes Third, Calls Effort A+

Mary-Ellen Manning finished third in Thursday's Democratic Party primary for the Second Essex District seat in the state Senate.

Mary-Ellen Manning, who served on the Governor’s Council for 12 years, said she gave an “A+” effort after losing in the race for the Second Essex District seat in the state Senate.

She finished third in Thursday’s Democratic Party primary, behind winner Joan Lovely and John Slattery.

Edward Carroll was fourth.

The district includes Danvers, plus Beverly, Peabody, Salem and Topsfield.

“I couldn’t feel any better even if we did win,” Manning told a room full of supporters at her campaign headquarters in downtown Peabody on Thursday night.

Manning stepped above her supporters to speak just after 8:30 p.m., announcing that she was not going to win.

Manning, of Peabody, said she was “honored and humbled” to serve as a Governor’s Councilor from the Fifth District for 12 years. She also recognized several key supporters who helped on her campaign.

“I really wanted the campaign to go on forever,” she said.

Later, in an interview with Patch, she said she’s not sure what is next for her life in politics.

“I never planned on being in politics for the rest of my life,” she said.

Supporters, even after Manning conceded, remained upbeat at her headquarters as they ate pizza for dinner.

“When you’ve given an A+ effort you are happy with the results,” she said.

TJ September 07, 2012 at 10:02 PM
I have to tip my hat to Mary-Ellen Manning, even though I supported Edward Carroll in the race. She ran a terrific, classy campaign, unlike the dirty tactics of Lovely and her propaganda arm the salem news. Mary-Ellen met my Aunt in Topsfield! Fred Berry is a king sized JERK and should be ashamed of himself for the comments he directed towards Manning & Slattery that Lovely was happy to publicize! Berry's endorsement made the difference, especially in Peabody and Manning was not able to get enough moderate & conservative independents out to vote. The republican write in candidate for rep in Danvers didnt help her-she needed those voters. In the end, its clear to a conservative like me that the Driscoll/Tim Murray mob supporting Lovely wanted Manning out for years because of her on target public criticism of terrible judicial nominees--especially on the Howie Carr show. I loved listening to the her and she'll be missed! It's obvious conservative whistle blowers are not wanted in the democratic party anymore! Hope the patch will do a follow-up on Edward Carroll--salem news did not. He was dissed by them the whole race. he may run for Salem City Council next year and be a thorn in Joan "double dipper" Lovely's side.I am moving to North Carolina next month and have registered as a Republican. I am really excited about voting in an election in November where my vote really matters--unlike Mass when it never does. I will not miss this state at all!
Mira Day September 08, 2012 at 01:43 AM
I voted for Mary-Ellen Manning & am proud I did. I will always feel she is the best person for this job, & was the only candidate I heard, push for lowering the state income tax to 5 per cent, something that was promised years ago by the legislature but never delivered! Her lower taxes, create jobs, cut government waste was a strong platform that made total sense. She was the only candidate that focused on the all important isssues most folks care about in this terrible economy. I'm a native of Alabama, & have notice a couple of things here. 1) the primary turnouts are always low--state wide was just 8 %-in this race 15 %. 2) most voters are controlled by public employee unions, & people who show up in primaries are state-city-town workers, & folks who have a direct connection to the candidates. A friend told me that Tim Murray had his political organization behind Lovely because they share the same consultant. Add in the Fidel Castro er Kim Driscoll factor-ordering hundreds of salem city workers to campaign for phony Joanie, plus the Jason Silva Beverly mob, and you can see how the mass democratic party operates a lot like the Mafia! Almost impossible for an outsider like Manning--a major enemy of the Patrick/Murray gang for her public criticism of horrible judicial nominees to be sucessfull unless she could get several thousand conservative and moderate independents & she could not. Good people make good government--bad people like Lovely, make bad government! Thanks M-E
Mark Jones September 08, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Found it quite interesting that the people who campaigned on issues, like Mary-Ellen Manning, Edward Carroll, Geroge O'Brine all lost, but people who campaigned stressing mindless happy talk like phony Joan Lovely &Eileen Duff won! All Duff & Lovely talked about was meeting all kinds of people and getting along with everyone! Is that what we want from elected officials, mindless zombies that stand for nothing and just want to go along to get along? How is that strategy working for the average person in Mass? No so good! I heard thearrogant big mouth driscoll brag about Lovely's big margin of victory. Earth to Driscoll--85 percent of the people in the district DID NOT VOTE! When are people here going to WAKE up and stop allowing people like the murray/driscoll gangsters to "control' elections! Plus the republican write in hurt Manning in Danvers with independents-she needed them. Mary-Ellen my wife and I voted for you--we will be voting for Richard Jolitz in the general election--and the district doesnt deserve an honest, watchdog like you. The district deserves the BIG ZERO they get in Joan Lovely. By the way, Fred Berry is a REAL BUM for the nasty stuff he said about both Slattery and Manning. PLEASE DONT GIVE HIS B-S CHARITIES ANOTHER DOLLAR-MY WIFE AND I WONT!


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