LIVE: Chat With State Senate Candidate Joan Lovely

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Salem city councilor and attorney Joan Lovely is chatting live with Patch readers today from noon - 1 p.m. Lovely is running for the 2nd Essex District seat in the state Senate.

Melissa Secore August 28, 2012 at 09:33 AM
Campaign partisans toss softballs to Joan Lovely... With all the hot issues in the news, these were the 6 most most juicy questions that could be posed? Amazing how silent she has been on the CPA tax initiative. As a homeowner, I just don't understand support of that one.
Cindie Standish August 28, 2012 at 12:16 PM
As a homeowner you do not understand the purpose of CPC funds? I live in Peabody and they have added a lot of value to quality of life for the city. The previoud Mayor did a great job with leveraging the funds to create an incredible walking trail throughout the city. Also, the city has been able to purchase lands to prevent over development of land. So as a homeowner you should actually want this tax. It is very strict as to what the funds can be used for and as a resident and you have an idea for the city that qualifies under the CPC then you have the right to secure those funds through the approval of the CPA committee and city council. What I believe that you are saying Melissa is that you are an uninterested homeowner and citizen of your town/city. Most people dont get it because they pay they go to work and pay their taxes and never get involved in the development of the community but are the first to complain when the city or town is not doing anything positive for the development of the city or town. With regards to Joan Lovely, she is most likely the only one that has an approachable personality. She is in a great place and will most likely beat Slatterly and Manning. Slatterly may have the unions but he will split the vote with Manning Peabody. Manning with her support from business does not mean the employees will vote for her or they are even registered voters so those endorsements mean absolutely nothing...
KlassySalem August 28, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Ah, I absolutely would have, but I had a conflict at that time. Unfortunately, I'll miss the MEM chat as well.
KlassySalem August 28, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Not so fast. Remember that Salem is miserable about voting, and even worse in primaries. I've heard no plan from the Lovely camp to get that behavior to change. Without one, she's out of luck.
Mike Schulze August 29, 2012 at 06:50 PM
As a 10 year member of the Peabody CPC,I can vouch for all the things it has done for the City of Peabody,that the council and Mayor would have liked to do but had other items such as Schools,Pavings,building repairs etc. For the 1% rate of tax (about $35.00) per year,we have purchased Tillies Farm,a 5 acre plot on Lynnfield St.,the entrance to the golf course with Sids pond 2 parcels of Bartholemew St. The 911 memorial,rehabbed the Sutton room in the Library,and re pointed the building,turned around a neighborhood on Park St.and provided needed affordable housing.Saved and rehabbed a house on Elm St.Provided major funding for Adventures for Angels playground in West Peabody,Major support for 3 school playgrounds,rebuilt the animals barn at Brooksby Farm and the climbing wall,both which had burned down,Historic preservation with new windows in city hall, major support for the bike trails and creation of the New east end Veterans Park on Walnut St.built new fields at the middle school,bought an archival copier for library and city hall to digitize records,relocated a historic house from Aborn St to Washington St,built a new revolutionary war monument at the shopping center supplied huge sums for housing rehab for elderly,which keeps up neighborhoods,I know there is more but this should be enough.At $35 per household,it is quite a bargain.More money should be available but the Big Banks have been stealing it from the Registry of Deeds!Low income and elderly have waivers. .


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