Here's How Peabody Voted in Thursday's State Primary

Make sure to use the viewing tools on each .pdf to get a closer look at the numbers.

, handily taking four out of five communities except for Peabody to earn 50 percent of the vote.

The Tanner City, which is the largest city in the district, , 2,324 to Lovely's 1,487, but it wasn't enough to close the gap for Slattery, who finished behind Lovely in the race with 30 percent of the vote. He was trailed by (17 percent) and Edward Carroll of Salem (2 percent).

Lovely, in comparison, won big in her hometown of Salem, 3,260 to Slattery's 735 votes. And back in Peabody, she did win one precinct as well by 15 votes -- . Manning also won at two precincts: 2-1, which votes at the , and 5-3, which votes at the .

Over in the Governor's Council race for the 5th District,  and the primary.

Check out the attached .pdf spreadsheets of the official results from Thursday, which are separate over the three ballots available to voters: Democratic, Republican and Green-Rainbow Party.

Mike Perrone September 16, 2012 at 08:05 PM
Attention John--As a lifetime union member, I am very concerned and respectfully disagree with your decision to not allow further comment on Fred Berry, as it is a major story that continues to unfold. I just received word of the reaction of my union brothers & sisters here on the patch & felt compelled to respond. When a highly respected union leader and advocate, Juile Curtis, submits such a compelling narrative on the patch, along with many of our rank & file, doesnt that indicate to you that there is a big story here. The angry reaction from our members was in direct response to the puff piece story written by Molly Buccini that reads like a Berry press release. This reporting upset our members, who felt it was a highly unfair portrayal of Berry, no mention that he broke his word last year when he made a public statement saying he would stay out of the race. Then on the Friday before the race, Berry threw gasoline on the fire by not only endorsing Lovely, but saying John 'is bought & paid for by the unions!" There was no need for Fred Berry to get so nasty with his endorsement, & the story here is, there are a lot of angry union members at Fred Berry, here in Peabody & elsewhere. Our people know there was an injustice here, & they reacted strongly to the sugary pro-Berry story less than a week after the election. I hope you will re-consider your decision and please invite Fred Berry to write a commentary explaining why he did what he did! Thank you very much!
John Castelluccio September 16, 2012 at 10:28 PM
Mike: first of all, the story was simply reporting on an event held at the Danversport Yacht Club to celebrate Senator Berry's career in the Senate. As you might expect, most of the people there were likely only going to say positive things about him. The event itself did happen a week after the election, we had no control over that. The story was not reporting on the results of the race, nor even mentioned, in fact, who won it. Secondly, if you felt so strongly about Senator Berry's endorsement, which we reported on at the time, you again had ample opportunity -- and still do -- to comment on that story or our other coverage of the election. For the most part, neither yourself nor those bashing Senator Berry right now, chose to say anything at the time, for whatever reason. I see no need to try and hijack a story now that's mostly unrelated to the complaint. You can go comment on the previous stories. I think many people would agree with you on the legitimacy of your complaint. That does not mean I'm only allowing positive comments of Senator Berry -- if you'd like to honestly talk about his career, critically or otherwise, that's fine, but let's talk about something substantive beyond angry, near-verbatim talking points.
Gerry Foley September 17, 2012 at 04:00 AM
It's disturbing that the editor of the Peabody Patch thinks several thousand residents of this city who are furious at Fred Berry are out of line. The slobbering Patch story on Berry-basically calling him the greatest guy in the world, was highly insensitive, angering union members, supporters of John Slattery, & I 'm sure supporters of Mary-Ellen Manning! Fred Berry's timing was terrible & the Patch massive puff piece got folks angry because the story rubbed everyone's nose into the ground. It happened less than a week after an election that was decided when Berry broke his word! He put out a late Friday afternoon press release Labor Day weekend, that many people like me didnt find out until Tuesday because of vacation. That is another reason why so many have commented recently. Not only did he break his promise not to endorse,he made highly offensive statements,criticizing 2 Peabody natives in Slattery and Manning! The word is Tim "shaky accident" Murray demanded Berry support the malleable woman from Salem & he agreed. Lovely got nearly 2,000 votes from Peabody & that was the differance. The unions gave Berry thousands of dollars over the years & he throws them under the bus, along with Slattery, who has helped Berry for many years. The puff ball story by Molly Buccini was yet another kick in the teeth & people got mad! A good guy doesnt do what Berry did! Impressed with union leader Julie Curtis who stood up for the rank & file with a Patch post-then responses barred?
Tony Costa September 18, 2012 at 06:48 AM
Still waiting for editor John to let us know when we can expect Fred Berry's commentary on the Patch. I am very very interested to hear why Fred Berry decided it was time to stab both the unions and John Slattery between the shoulder blades after 30 years and break his word. And please no more puff ball stories about a man who broke his public vow to stay out of the race! If a man breaks his word--he is a nothing!


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