Danvers Registry Location Closed for a Week

RMV suggests people perform their transactions online.

Photo credit: Patch file photo.
Photo credit: Patch file photo.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Registry of Motor Vehicles Division closed its Danvers branch at the Liberty Tree Mall on Friday because of a “facilities issue.”

The Danvers Registry location will be closed through next week. RMV employees assigned to Danvers will be deployed to other locations while the Danvers branch is closed, according to the MassDOT.

The Registry was already expecting a busy week with the four-day workweek, school vacation and Presidents Day car sales expected to bring an influx of customers at the RMV’s branches.

The Registry is suggesting people perform their transactions online at MassRMV.com rather than going to an RMV location next week. 

If you must got to a Registry location, the closest ones are at the AAA office in Saugus and at the RMV branch in Wilmington. 

DEBBIE February 16, 2014 at 11:33 AM
It is a disgrace how so many branches of the RMV have shut down. What does not make sense is the fact that we have less RMV offices, yet the number of drivers increase every single day. This situation is pathetic and does not make any sense. One other thing, we are told the reason why are losing our RMV branches is due to lack of funding. If the politicians had the guts to think of us tax paying Americans first, as they are using our money, we would not be in this predicament. Instead, they use billions of dollars of OUR MONEY for illegal citizens. I was raised from a good home and if something said ILLEGAL on it, we were to stay away. Illegal means "NOT LEGAL" and if something is not legal, it is then it is WRONG. Enough said!


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