DA Talks Danger, Powerful Addiction of Crystal Meth

DA Blodgett says only a matter of time before the ruinous drug starts showing up more frequently on the North Shore.

Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett says the only reason crystal methamphetamine hasn't taken root on the North Shore as it has in many other areas of the country is because heroin is still cheaper here.

But, Blodgett says, that situation may change in the future with drug users switching over to the highly dangerous substance, and he wants to get out in front of it with education and coordinated efforts by law enforcement agencies -- may even be a sign of worse to come.

Blodgett, a Peabody native, has been warning about crystal meth for the past five years, as New England was the only region not have to been hit by it yet.

He was interviewed recently by the Salem News and explained how devastating the effects of the drug are and how addictive it is. You can read that interview here.

al August 23, 2012 at 06:26 AM
I agree 100% this is a bad drug it is sad enough that we have to deal with the walking dead in Chelsea ma.if they were to have Meth run in the picture it would be catastrophic in a way that cocaine and heroin would be a thing of the past a more powerful drug would destroy lives in such a way the overdoses and aids would be rampant and sweep through our community keep it away.seen alit of people die from dope that's enough for me
Saber Walsh August 23, 2012 at 12:48 PM
I'm tired of hearing "I've been warning." I want to read "I've been doing." The way to get at crystal meth is through ANY illegal substance -- if we don't have a zero tolerance policy on drugs, then we are fighting a losing war that claims thousands of innocent victims a year. Anybody see the Peabody High School parking lot in the morning and when school gets out? The area near Brooksby Farm? Duh, everybody knows we have a problem in our city, but admitting it might drop the property values or something, so our kids see drug deals every day, in the open, with no fear. So we have our heads firmly planted you-know-where. The cops are out there doing their best, and then what happens? The Patrick administration which supports the "catch and release" criminal program, does nothing for those with pot. In our state we even implemented an unconstitutional "decriminalization" program of what are still Federal crimes. Are you kidding me? We've known about pot for years and the stuff on the street is far more potent than the stuff we had 40 years ago: have we become really that stupid? The Obama administration wants us to believe that the Mexican Drug Wars are about guns, which is wrong: it's about US. We should be respecting the lives of those who have lost theirs in these horrible conflicts by putting the screws to anybody who uses, possesses, or distributes ANYTHING illegal. We need to stop protecting the underworld "special interests."


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