Cole Says Henriquez Should Resign or Be Forced From Office

Peabody state Rep. Leah Cole released a statement at the news of the guilty verdict returned against Carol Henriquez, calling for his immediate resignation.

Peabody state Rep. Leah Cole speaks at a Veterans Day ceremony at City Hall. Credit: Courtesy
Peabody state Rep. Leah Cole speaks at a Veterans Day ceremony at City Hall. Credit: Courtesy

Joining many of her colleagues and Gov. Deval Patrick, Peabody state Rep. Leah Cole also called for the immediate resignation of Dorchester Rep. Carlos Henriquez Wednesday after a jury found him guilty of two counts of assault and battery in a domestic abuse case.

The Boston Globe reports Henriquez physically restrained a woman and punched her after she refused to have sex with him. He was sentenced to six months in prison.

“As more and more details arise from his encounter, Representative Henriquez and his behavior are inexcusable and I see him unfit for public service,” Cole said in a statement.

“A woman my age was assaulted by a man the public has put their trust into. Along with violating that trust, he violated a 25-year-old woman, physically abused her, and has done much more to her mental state when he kidnapped her,” said Cole.

“I am calling on Governor Deval Patrick to take action and relieve Representative Henriquez of his duty as Representative of the people of Dorchester. As a legislator who represents a community with young single mothers and young women in general, Representative Henriquez and his actions are a stain on the legacy on the House of Representatives,” she concluded.


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