Cole Endorsed By Citizens for Limited Taxation

Watchdog group says Cole's the candidate to be trusted with taxpayer dollars, noting she's already signed a "No New Taxes" pledge.

Republican Leah Cole, who is in a three-way race for State Representative in Peabody, announced one particular campaign endorsement in recent days -- support from the political watchdog group Citizens for Limited Taxation.

CLT Associate Director Francis Faulker said the group's 2-1/2 PAC is happy to support Cole because "she is the candidate who can be trusted to protect the taxpayers at the State House."

Cole said she was "honored" to receive the endorsement.

In line with CLT's mission, Cole signed a "No New Taxes" pledge early in her campaign. The promise says that as a member of the Mass. House of Representatives, she will oppose any new taxes and vote against all efforts to increase taxes.

“Since the beginning of my grassroots campaign, I’ve pledged to fight the massive tax increases proposed by Governor Patrick," said Cole. "This message is resonating with the voters of Peabody. I understand that the hardworking families of our district cannot afford a tax hike, and Beacon Hill needs to do better at spending the billions of dollars they already receive.”

Cole argues there's plenty of waste and mismanagement to clear away from state government first that could go a long way toward balancing out the $2 billion in revenue from the proposed tax changes.

The special election for the 12th Essex District is April 2. You can find out more about Cole's campaign at www.coleforpeabody.com.

Jerry Halberstadt March 25, 2013 at 09:03 PM
Nice sound to "no taxes" but our schools, children who are homeless or living in poverty, people living with disabilities, people living with age, people with mental health challenges---essential services today are under-funded. Taxes is the way we pay for being a civilization.
Chris Chatzi March 26, 2013 at 12:21 AM
Seriously? Grover Norquist is making a play in this election. If you want to have an independent voice, signing an institutional pledge from the onset is quite contrary to that principle.


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