City Shuts Down Route 1 Project

Peabody officials issued a cease and desist order for a commercial project on Route 1 this week to deal with serious site runoff damaging neighbors' property.

City officials shut down construction at a commercial project on Route 1 this week after complaints were made by neighbors that their yards were being flooded by mud and silt from the work site whenever it rained.

The property in question, owned by Richard Marchese, abuts Winona Street and sits off Route 1 behind the Royal Garden and a new multi-story commercial building at 130 Newbury St.

It's a longstanding -- and controversial -- project that underwent numerous proposals over the years before the latest plan for a high-end used car lot. That proposal was part of a larger development plan for both 128 and 130 Newbury St. 

The Salem News reports that Mayor Ted Bettencourt issued a cease and desist order to Marchese after seeing evidence of the damage to neighbors' property. City inspectors and other officials then confirmed those issues after investigating the complaints, according to the paper.

The Planning Board will hold a hearing Feb. 7 to determine if Marchese has abided by his site permit or if there are in fact violations that need to be dealt with. Bettencourt told the Salem News it appears Marchese did not complete required mitigation work to deal with site runoff.

This is not the first time neighbors have complained about Marchese and development of the land (along with a long dormant housing development of Marchese's to the rear of the site) to city officials.

They complained in 2008 that Marchese clear cut the land slated for housing, which then caused problems with dust and runoff into the neighborhood -- that development continued to lag as it was due to the poor economy and housing market.

Meanwhile, successive plans for the commercial land included first a sports bar and billiards to a massive entertainment and bowling facility, neither of which panned out for Marchese.

He also entered a long legal battle with the city after the Licensing Board finally revoked his liquor license for 128 Newbury St. after more than two years of inactivity at the site despite Marchese's promises.

DEBBIE January 14, 2013 at 05:29 AM
Whoa. So glad we have a Mayor that looks at these situations first hand. Good for your Mr. Mayor. I hope that the contractor and city can rectify this man's situation ASAP so his backyard and pool can be used this coming summer. They need to start NOW as it is a disaster. Several years ago, there was a development being built in Lynnfield. Sadly, the contractor was not paying attention to homes that were on the other side of the hill where he was building. Those homes were in Peabody, right on the Lynnfield line. There was severe water damage and flooding on Hopi Circle (off of Catherine Drive) and one neighbors home completely lost their in-ground pool. After all the years of dilly dallying between all parties involved (not the victims), the pool was eventually filled in because it was so beyond repair. The ground was unable to support the pool as it was let go for so long. The back yard which was once so lovely, and certainly lively with family cookouts etc, was totally destroyed. The contractor lost more money in legal fees and fees for inspections etc, than he ended up paying out for his lawsuit(s). This was in the late 1980's and early 1990's.
Joseph Maio January 20, 2013 at 02:35 AM
First Of Debbie this has been going on for 3 years that is my parents home. The Mayor Ted aka ed Knew about this in early Oct When I brought him video of the 1 of the other times my parent flooded. His town solicitor which is his partner in a law firm said the city cant do anything.. They should read there zoning Laws but he cant lawyers cant read oh yes they can so its either stupidity or neglect or good old boy network it states to protect the people of the city from flooding .
Joseph Maio January 20, 2013 at 02:37 AM
Had Mike Teds personal lawyer and the mayor Had done there job the the flood on dec 27 2012 may have been stopped. The contractor Richard Marchese has been stockpiling dirt and covered over a pump filtration system that was there to clean the ground water from the toxic waste. YES TOXIC WASTE Look a the mass DEP 128 Newbury st.. Now the ground water has left that site and has possibly contaminated people property on Anderson st Molton drive and ever other low lying area that it ran to. After the cease and desist order there was going to be a big meeting Ted said to Tom Gould Head of the city council. Then as of today not going to be a meet via conversation with Tom Gould today he said Mike teds personal lawyer said for my parents to get a lawyer. So you keep praising a mayor who wont even meet my mother and father Louis Maio And Irene Maio A retired Boston special needs teacher and my father a retired postal worker. Now check this out the builders Lawyer is best friends with The city solicitor and the mayor. Real credible mayor. I will also say I am not going away if this mayor does not do his job I want to see him Lie his way out of these videos when i run for Mayor of Peabody. I will no longer sit back and watch crooks ruin the lifes of the elderly. I will not watch Businesses be treated better than the people who live there and pay taxes and there pay salary's. I would ask anyone who has a heart to come February 7 to the planning board meeting to help Mr and Miss Maio


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