CHART: How Did the North Shore Vote?

A breakdown of state senate poll results from Beverly, Danvers, Peabody, Salem and Topsfield.


Here's a breakdown of each city/town's poll results:


Preference Total Edward Carroll 68 Joan Lovely 1,645 Mary-Ellen Manning 446 John Slattery 841


Preference Total Edward Carroll 36 Joan Lovely 891 Mary-Ellen Manning 262 John Slattery 400


Preference Total Edward Carroll 66 Joan Lovely 1,487 Mary-Ellen Manning 1,339 John Slattery 2,324


Preference Total Edward Carroll 132 Joan Lovely 3,260 Mary-Ellen Manning 464 John Slattery 735


Preference Total Edward Carroll 7 Joan Lovely 167 Mary-Ellen Manning 99 John Slattery 118


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