Wojick Recognized for Exemplary Actions in Line of Duty

Police officer Fred Wojick received multiple commendations at the department's second annual awards ceremony.

Officer Fred Wojick received the most during the ’s annual awards ceremony at . The veteran officer was officially recognized for his efforts in three incidents over the past year or so, both individually and as a member of a larger response team.

Below you can find the official letters of commendation that will be entered into his personnel file for two incidents, which he was praised for individually.

“On July 4, 2009, Officer Fred Wojick responded to at the on a report of a shoplifting incident. Upon arrival, Officer Wojick investigated the past shoplifting incident and determined that it would be in the best interest of everyone involved not to pursue criminal charges and to contact the juvenile’s parents. The juvenile was subsequently released to her parents as neither the store nor the police desired to prosecute.

“A letter was later sent from the juvenile to the Peabody Police Department thanking Officer Wojick for having such an impact on her life for his discretion and fair treatment. A quote from the letter reads:

“‘My parents always warned me about all the right and wrong things in the world and how to tell them apart. The lesson I learned from you I will never forget; I don’t think that anyone could ever feel as scared as I was that day. I am writing to you, officer, for two reasons. The first reason is to thank you and the kind act of goodness and the second is to prove to you that I have learned my lesson well, and I am very sorry. This was the greatest mistake of my life.’

“I hereby issue this letter of recognition to Officer Wojick for his discretion and compassion in dealing with a juvenile offender. Officer Wojick’s professionalism and discretion in dealing with this juvenile offender are within the highest standards of being a Peabody Police Officer. A copy of this letter of recognition shall be placed in his personnel file.”


“On July 5, 2011, Officer Fred Wojick responded to the on a report of a patron choking. Officer Wojick rapidly responded and located the victim…, who was choking of food.

“Officer Wojick immediately began to render First Aid and performed the Heimlich Maneuver. After several attempts, the victim was still unable to breathe, turned blue and lost consciousness. Officer Wojick placed the victim on the floor and administered abdominal thrusts. This life saving action dislodged the food, opened the airway and the victim regained consciousness and began to breathe. She was then transported buy ambulance to a local hospital.

“The following day, on July 6, 2011, the victim’s husband telephoned Peabody Police Headquarters not only to thank Office Wojick for saving his wife’s life but to thank Officer Wojick for stopping at the victim’s residence to check on her status the day after he saved her life.

“I officially commend Officer Wojick for responding to a medical emergency in a calm and professional manner and for saving a life. I further commend the professionalism and compassion displayed by Officer Wojick by checking on the well being of the victim the following day. His performance of exceptional service in life saving efforts exemplifies the highest standards of being a Peabody Police Officer by saving a life. Officer Wojick shall receive one day compensatory time and a copy of this letter of commendation shall be permanently placed in his personnel file.”

Stay with Peabody Patch this week for the rest of the commendations given out on Dec. 8 to 35 officers.


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