Here are the highlights, for one reason or another, from the pages of the Peabody Police Department press log this past week.

Here are the highlights, for one reason or another, from the pages of the press log this past week.

June 30

  • 1:27 a.m. A caller on Warren Street reported she thought she heard three gunshots outside her house. Police checked the area and found a Roman Candle in front of the woman's home.
  • 6:19 p.m. A caller reported he was scammed in the  parking lot by Legal Seafoods. He gave a "Sears employee" $4,000 for several televisions and never received them.
  • 10:23 p.m. Two Danvers residents were issued summonses on drug charges, following a motor vehicle stop on Margin Street near . A 26-year-old man was charged with possession of a Class D (marijuana) drug with intent to distribute and a 20-year-old female was charged with possession of a Class A drug. Class A substances include heroin, morphine, GHB and Special K.

July 1

  • 12:05 a.m. Police received a report of three youths pushing a scooter up the street on Oak Street. Police checked the area, but could find the juveniles. They were located about 30 minutes later on Winter Street, however, after a caller reported three youths were having a loud argument in the street. Police said the scooter was stolen from a Washington Street resident and was returned to its owner without incident.
  • 2:44 p.m. A female caller on Avalon Drive reported both her father's house and her house on Northshore Road were broken into. There were no signs of forced entry. The woman said toilet paper, paper towels and two shirts were missing from the homes. She also noted she was seeking treatment for her mental health.
  • 8:16 p.m. A 29-year-old Salem man was issued a summons for larceny over $250, following a report that he stole $325 from his girlfriend's pocketbook while driving from Salem to Peabody. He was then dropped off at  on Main Street.

July 2

  • 12:08 a.m. A 24-year-old Salem woman was issued a summons for larceny over $250. Police said that within a nine-month period she was accused of stealing $3,438 in Keno money by repeatedly playing, but never putting the actual money in at the . The woman admitted this and signed a note, saying she would pay it all back. Police said the woman paid back $500, but then did not make any more payments.
  • 5:57 a.m. A County Street resident reported some people broke into his house by removing an air-conditioner from a window and stole $260. On their way out, they put the air-conditioner back.
  • 4:55 p.m. A Peabody resident reported her 11-year-old daughter was receiving text messages and Internet correspondence of a sexual nature from an adult. The report was forwarded to a detective to follow up with the woman.
  • 9:30 p.m. Police received a fireworks complaint from a Downing Road resident. The man said that if the fireworks continue he would go out with his baseball bat and take matters into his own hands. An officer checked the area and said all was quiet at the time.

July 3

  • 5:25 a.m. A caller on Worcester Road reported it looked like someone tried to torch his car. Police said there was a rag in the gas tank and some minor burn marks on the vehicle. No further details were available. The incident was under investigation.
  • 12:32 p.m. A caller reported his wife was involved in a road rage incident while picking up their daughter from . He said the other driver approached his wife's vehicle, cussing and spitting on her and the car, while threatening to punch her. The wife had already left the scene and police told the husband to have her call back if she wished to file a report.
  • 12:46 p.m. A caller reported that when he was doing the trash run at  on Main Street he found a stack of fake IDs by the Dumpster.

July 4

  • 1:32 a.m. An anonymous caller reported possible prostitution in a room at . The caller claimed he saw a cash transaction between a male and female. An officer checked the area, but "did not observe any such transactions taking place."
  • 3:21 p.m. Police responded to a report of suspicious activity on Park Street. A caller said a Hispanic male in a white shirt with red stripes and blue jeans was wielding a handgun. Police identified the man as a 33-year-old resident and said the "weapon" was actually a tequila bottle shaped like a handgun.
  • 8:45 p.m. A caller reported fireworks coming from two to three homes in the area of Raymond Circle. The caller said the fireworks were going off since 1 p.m. Officers checked te area and said all was quiet, rather the fireworks were coming from an adjacent neighborhood. Police tracked down the exact location and said about 60 people were watching the show. They were told to shut it down and clean up the area.
  • 9:02 p.m. A caller on Gemma Drive reported fireworks were being set off in the middle of the street. The caller said debris from the fireworks was falling on the roofs of nearby homes. Police advised the group to end the pyrotechnics for the evening.

July 5

  • 12:31 a.m. An officer reported a male flagged him down on Centennial Drive. The person was bleeding from his arm, but then got inside a white vehicle and drove off. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle, but was unsuccessful. Police said the person was in Lynn and possibly going to Lynn Union Hospital. Several minutes later, hospital security reported a patient with a possible stab wound had come in. Police said the incident was under investigation.
  • 2:32 a.m. Police received a call from a male at a McIntyre Court apartment who said there were going to be big problems and then hung up the phone.
  • 8:34 p.m. Police received a report of a portable toilet that was tipped over at the Kiley School.

July 6

  • 9:39 a.m. A Peabody man reported a case of identity fraud. He said someone created a business in Lowell with his daughter's Social Security number.


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