Salem Police Captain Named New Peabody Police Chief

Mayor Ted Bettencourt announced on Tuesday that Salem Police Captain Thomas Griffin will be the next police chief for the Peabody Police Department. 

The Peabody Police Department posted to its Facebook page: "We look forward to continue growing as a department under your leadership and years of experience in law enforcement! Chief Thomas Griffin will be officially sworn in as Chief of Police late July."

Robert StPierre has been serving as interim chief since the end of 2013.

Pierre, who was the retired chief of Salem Police Department, was hired on an interim basis after the retirement of Peabody Police Chief Robert Champagne, who retired last year after 37 years in the department.

mark June 18, 2014 at 08:43 AM
I love how they said that they are looking forward to their growth as a department, like they are some elite reputable company! They are a bunch of union thugs that work for the piece of trash government! Like this Chief will be any different from the rest!
DEBBIE June 18, 2014 at 10:30 AM
Too funny. They did a nationwide search and fought to part ways from Civil Service for this position. Looking high and low, for the most qualified person in the entire United States to become Peabody's next police chief, none other than a Salem, Mass. cop. This cop just so happened to work for the retired Salem Police Chief, Bobby St. Pierre, who in fact is presently the acting chief in Peabody, Mass. I am shocked!!! Just wondering how much it cost us taxpayers for the legal fees for pulling the position out of Civil Service and for the postings and time consumed for a nationwide search. Hate to say it but, another abuse of power. I thought those administrations were finally out of our city. Guess not.
DEBBIE June 24, 2014 at 10:14 AM
What is hard to accept is the fact that the top three candidates all served on THE ASSESSMENT COMMITTEES for their respective city's or towns.This is a serious ETHICAL OFFENSE. Many taxpayers are outraged because that is a conflict of interest. What an unscrupulous way to select any finalist. Rumor has it that the top three finalists have less credentials and degrees than many of the other candidates. So what makes them more special with less law enforcement education and less experience? Downtown is buzzing about the fact that the reason why none of the candidates right here from the Peabody Police Department would of never received the appointment is because they were made to testify against the Mayor's father, whom I personally like very much. Pitifully, I sense a little plagiarism here because once again our own city government hood-winked us. One last thing, a popular lunch spot outside of Peabody is aghast in finding out the amount of this dishonest search for a chief.


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