Police Log: Shoplifter Steals $320 Worth of Merchandise From The Container Store

Photo credit: Patch file photo.
Photo credit: Patch file photo.

Thursday, March 20

At 2:08 p.m., a person brought in an older, large, neutered, male black Labrador retriever that was found in the area of Thorndike and Lowell. The dog was wearing a blue nylon collar. It is microchipped, but the microchip it's unregistered. The dog was taken to Borash Veterinary Clinic for a seven-day hold.

At 2:08 p.m., a Symphony Road resident reported a piece of her bumper was stolen off her car earlier this month.

At 2:33 p.m., police notified the Department of Public Services about several potholes on Bartholomew Street.

At 4:57 p.m., a person reported a syringe on the ground at Russell and Market streets. An officer removed the syringe.


Friday, March 21

At 12:56 a.m., a security officer notified police about a homeless man in the Bank of America vestibule. Police sent the man on his way.

At 1:38 a.m., police notified the Department of Public Services about a large pothole at Newcastle Road and Walsh Avenue.

At 7:19 a.m., police arrested Toby Burke, 43, 7 Woodward Ave., Gloucester, and charged him with operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and a missing number plate. Police made the arrest during a vehicle stop on Route 1.

At 9:08 a.m., a Thorndike Street resident reported her dog was missing. The dog matched the description of the dog that was found the previous day. Police gave her the information and asked her to call Borash.

At 11:12 a.m., an employee at The Container Store reported that a man stole $320 worth of merchandise on March 16. Police have identified a possible suspect. 


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