Peabody Police Test Out Google Glass

Google Glass. Photo credit: WiredBlue.
Google Glass. Photo credit: WiredBlue.

Peabody Police is one of more than a dozen of departments testing out Google Glass for possible law enforcement uses.

Google Glass can record activity hands-free and could make it easier for officers, reported Boston Magazine, which wrote an article about the project.

WiredBlue, a startup company focused on law enforcement and technology lent Peabody Police a pair of Google Glass to try out. WiredBlue also recently held a conference in Cambridge focused on technological advances in law enforcement, reported Boston Magazine. 

“There’s a lot of interest surrounding Glass, so we decided to loan out a pair free of charge to law enforcement agencies,” said WiredBlue founder Peter Olson. “This lets them evaluate Glass, form some opinions, and get their hands on a pair without spending any money.”

Olson said WiredBlue is offering Google Glass for police departments to find out how law enforcement can use the technology:

  1. To test if wearable technology like Glass, is a good future option to wear while on duty or for training purposes.
  2. Can Glass be worn on duty, safety issues. Think not only driving but also training with firearms. You would most likely need to qualify with your weapon while wearing Glass.
  3. Form opinions on the safety of the public wearing Google Glass while driving, etc.
  4. Develop ideas for possible apps for Google Glass in law enforcement.

Read more about how police departments are using Google Glass.

mark February 18, 2014 at 08:31 AM
Letting Peabody Police use this technology is like letting someone in the ARC program play with a new toy! I wonder if they need to get their unions approval for this? Can't do nothing without their union!


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