Peabody Man Nabbed for Breaking Replica of Historic Salem Bell

A Peabody man was caught breaking a bell at Armory Park in Salem with ice in his hand. This was the second incident last week involving ice sculptures.

A Peabody man was arrested Friday night in Salem after police say he damaged the bell at Armory Park while having a fight with ice from one of the Salem's so Sweet ice sculptures.

Stephen Siopis, 30, of Peabody was arrested on charges connected with the incident.

Just after 10:30 p.m. scanner reports indicated youths were destroying an ice sculpture and throwing ice at a car and bell at Armory Park.

"There were supposedly three young adults throwing ice, allegedly having an ice fight," Lt. Mary Butler of the Salem Police Department said early Saturday morning.

Butler said Peabody Essex Museum security caught Siopis "throw a large block of ice," breaking the bell located at the entrance to Armory Park across the street from the museum at the intersection of Essex and New Liberty streets.

Butler said Siopis was located and arrested in the general vicinity with ice in his hand. Four fiberglass pieces of the bell were located and retrieved as well.

Salem Patch went to the scene at approximately 11:30 p.m. to survey the damage and take photographs. Small pieces of ice and water were located around the base of the bell. Chunks of ice were located at the corner of Essex and New Liberty streets and on the Pedestrian Mall.

The sculpture at the entrance to the mall was demolished.

This is the second incident involving ice sculptures from the recent Salem's So Sweet Chocolate and Ice Sculpture Festival.

Last Sunday, two Salem men were arrested after decapitating a dragon sculpture in front of Bewitched and disobeying a police office who told them to put it back.

During that incident, one of the men told police he took it "because he wanted it."

Robert Gates contributed to this report.


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