Peabody Man Accused of Stealing $640K From Hospital

A former machine shop manager at Mass. General Hospital is charged with perpetrating different schemes in which he stole $640,000 from the hospital before he was fired.

Mass. General Hospital in Boston. Credit: Courtesy
Mass. General Hospital in Boston. Credit: Courtesy
A Peabody man and former machine shop manager at Mass. General Hospital is charged with stealing more than $640,000 from the Boston hospital in three different schemes involving scrap metal, unauthorized equipment purchases and directing funds to himself.

Authorities say the majority of the theft -- around $540,000 -- involved scrap brass left from radiation treatments. Instead of selling the scrap metal to vendors and turning in the proceeds, he allegedly pocketed the money.

As the machine shop manager, the man was in charge of purchasing and customizing brass discs used to focus radiation beams on cancer patients' tumors while it also protected surrounding tissue. He was also in charge of arranging for recycling or scrapping the brass after it was used.

Leonard Wasileski, 65, of Peabody, worked at MGH for nearly 36 years, first as a machinist and then managing the machine shops in MGH’s Department of Radiation Oncology, until he was fired earlier this year after an investigation into the alleged theft.

Attorney General Martha Coakley's office says Wasileski was indicted Thursday by a grand jury in Suffolk Superior Court on three counts of larceny over $250. He is due to be arraigned on Jan. 16.

Coakley's office says it became involved in August after a preliminary investigation by the hospital. Further investigation then revealed three separate schemes in which Coakley says Wasileski allegedly used his position and authority to perpetuate and conceal the theft.

In addition to the scrap metal, Wasileski also allegedly used his position as shop manager to use MGH funds to order hundreds of unauthorized tools and pieces of equipment for woodworking that he kept for personal use. Those purchases were valued at about $88,000.

Authorities claim Wasileski stole another $12,000 by directing payments to himself instead of the hospital for work performed by machine shop employees on a project for a University of Rochester professor's research.

Wasileski allegedly sent work invoices to the University of Rochester, directing the college to make the checks payable to him, and he then deposited those checks in his own bank accounts.

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Molly Parks of Coakley’s Fraud and Financial Crimes Division, with assistance from the AG’s Financial Investigations Division and state police assigned to Coakley's office. MGH staff and investigators also assisted in the investigation.
J December 16, 2013 at 07:43 AM
Wow this guy is a genius. I'm not condoning theft from your employer, but if you're going to steal don't leave a paper trail. Anyone stupid enough to steal by depositing checks into their own accounts deserves to get caught. Also did he not realize that they keep records of everyone that scraps metal? This guy should be posted on the dumbest criminals list.


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