Peabody Couple With 19 Warrants Tracked Down at Saugus Hotel

Peabody couple arrested on numerous counts of check forgery and larceny -- 19 total warrants in six districts -- along with one instance of prostitution.

A Peabody couple on the run from authorities was tracked down and finally arrested at a hotel in Saugus. The couple was wanted on 19 separate warrants totaling about 80 charges.

Saugus police took William J. Meehan, Jr., 41, and wife Beth A. Meehan, 35, who both live at 98 Central St. #208 in Peabody when they're at home, into custody last Thursday at the Red Roof Inn on Route 1.

The Meehans were then transported back to Peabody for booking because several of the warrants originated out of Peabody District Court.

William Meehan had 14 warrants out from Peabody, Salem, Lawrence, Lowell, Woburn and Malden that included 17 counts of check forgery, 17 counts of larceny by check over $250, eight counts of larceny over $250, six counts of larceny over $250 by false pretenses and six counts of receiving stolen property over $250, along with several motor vehicle violations and a charge of conspiracy.

Beth Meehan, meanwhile, had five warrants out from Peabody, Salem and Woburn that included sexual conduct for a fee, reckless endangerment of a child, eight counts of check forgery, four counts of larceny by check over $250, three counts of receiving stolen property over $250 and three counts of larceny over $250 by false pretenses, along with a charge of conspiracy.

The prostitution charge originated out of Salem District Court.

The Daily Item of Lynn reports that Peabody detectives received a tip that the couple was staying at the Saugus hotel and then asked Saugus police to pick up the pair.

The Item also reports that a 20-month-old child was placed into the custody of a family member.


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