Mayor to Swear in 17 New Reserve Firefighters for Peabody

Seven of the new reserves are U.S. military veterans who still serve now with the National Guard and reserve units.

Mayor Ted Bettencourt plans to swear in 17 new reserve firefighters to the Peabody Fire Department on Thursday in the largest appointment of its kind in recent years.

Bettencourt's office made the announcement Monday. The names of each new reserve firefighter were not released at the time, but there are seven U.S. military veterans in the group, some of whom now serve in the National Guard and reserve units.

“It will be a proud day for the city of Peabody and a proud day for these outstanding individuals and their families,” said Bettencourt.

“These men represent the future of the Peabody Fire Department. I have met and interviewed each one of them and am confident that they have what it takes to be successful,” he said.

The ceremony will take place in Wiggin Auditorium at 4 p.m. on Thursday and members of the public are welcome to attend.


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