Holiday Inn Evacuated for Possible Meth Lab in Room

Authorities are investigating possible meth lab found inside guest's room.

The Holiday Inn on Route 1 was evacuated last night for a possible meth lab in a guest's room.

My Fox Boston reports that about 200 people were evacuated around 11 p.m. after "dangerous chemicals" were discovered inside a room. Security guards at the hotel responded to a fire alarm sounding on the first floor.

They entered one guest's room and saw smoke and a large amount of chemicals inside, police said. There was no one inside the room.

Witnesses at the scene (guests at the hotel) told My Fox Boston the room was converted into a meth lab, but that has not been confirmed by police. Authorities only say there were a "several dangerous chemicals" inside the room.

Police say the suspect -- the person who rented the room -- is known to them, but that they were still looking for that person this morning.

The evacuated residents were eventually allowed to re-enter the hotel. The chemicals used in crystal methamphetamine labs are highly volatile and the vapors can permeate the walls and carpeting of a makeshift lab, rendering it uninhabitable.

Police have moved the investigation over to the police station at this time and are being assisted by the Fire Department, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

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Tony M. July 30, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Even more great press for Peabody! But, hey, none of this matters as long as we have low taxes...right?


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