FBI Report Shows Crime Has Declined in Peabody

Annual statistics show both overall violent crime and property crime in the city has dropped significantly in recent years.

Peabody Police Department
Peabody Police Department
Crime statistics recently released by the FBI show that both violent crime and property crime in Peabody continues to decline. Violent crime dropped 2.5 percent and property crime dropped 14 percent between 2011 and 2012.

The latest available statistics (from 2012) are contained in the FBI's annual Crime in the U.S. report. That data does come directly from the Peabody Police Department itself.

Retired Chief Robert Champagne reported earlier this year that overall crime in the Tanner City has dropped 14 percent since 2009.

Here's how the Uniform Crime Report breaks down for Peabody:


Violent crime: 121
Murder: 0
Forcible rape: 11
Robbery: 12
Aggravated assault: 98
Property crime: 1,102
Burglary: 155
Larceny-theft: 893
Motor vehicle theft: 54
Arson: 3

And here's the 2011 data in comparison:

Population: 51,563
Violent crime: 124
Murder: 2
Rape: 9
Robbery: 13
Aggravated assault: 100
Property crime: 1,282
Burglary: 212
Larceny-theft: 996
Motor vehicle theft: 74
Arson: 2

And for further comparison, Peabody, with a significantly larger population and commercial sector, actually reported less overall violent crime than neighboring Salem last year. The Witch City's statistics are below.


Violent crime: 159
Murder: 0
Rape: 7
Robbery: 17
Aggravated assault: 135
Property crime: 955
Burglary: 148
Larceny-theft: 754
Motor vehicle theft: 53
mark December 05, 2013 at 08:32 AM
Dropped significantly? There were 3 less violent crimes and 2 less forcible rapes from the previous year! I hardly think that's a significant drop! Once again Government trying to prop themselves up so they can say that all the taxes they collected have helped reduce crime!
Bruce Atkins December 05, 2013 at 08:37 PM
This is such BS and the arrogance of them thinking we're all buying it. The rates go down when the police don't make any arrests or when Chief Champagne orders them all to put the blinders on when it comes to drugs in this city. When there's no drug busts or crimes reported - Champagne made himself look good. Hope the Mayor realizes he's got lots of problems in this city and he better start cleaning house down on Allen's Lane. First step in the right direction was bringing in the former Salem Chief.


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