Who Won the Brown-Warren Debate?

Incumbent Scott Brown and challenger Elizabeth Warren squared off in their first debate Thursday night.

Republican Senator Scott Brown faced off against Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren Thursday night in a debate televised by WBZ-TV. The debate was the first of four planned tilts between the candidates, and it saw disagreement between the two on just about every topic.

Polls have seesawed over the last week, with Brown and Warren swapping small leads, as they have throughout the campaign. The debates may provide one or the other an opportunity to change voter minds and swing the election his or her way.

Central to Thursday's debate was the focus on taxes, jobs and the economy.

"He has said he will defend the top 2 percent and the top 3 percent...and will hold the other 98% of families hostage," Warren said, referencing Brown's position against extending the Bush-era tax cuts unless it also contained cuts for the country's top earners. 

Brown countered by noting that Warren's policies would raise taxes, on everyone, in fact, it's the "first thing she looks to do," he said. 

"And the criticism is that I don't want to raise taxes," he said. "Guilty as charged. I'm not going to raise taxes. I'm going to protect taxpayers' pocketbooks and wallets."

Who do you think won the debate? Did the back and forth change your mind about the upcoming election? Did the candidates answer the questions you had? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Mike Benton September 22, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Scott signed the Grover Norquist pledge not to raise taxes by one penny. In other words he pledged to the exteme wing of the republican party not to compromise on deficit reduction. So he can't come to the middle to work out a balanced approach to reduce the debt. Elizabeth Warren wants a balanced approched to reducing the deficit. Spending cuts and small increase in taxes for the upper tax brackets.
Mike Benton September 22, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Scott spent the whole debate trying to persude everyone one he's not a republican. But he can't run away from it. He supports Mitt Romney ( the 47% of Americans are moochers guy) and he holds the republican position that you can reduce the debt by cutting taxes for big business and upper bracket tax payers by 20%. He also voted against equal pay for women on the basis it would be a burden on the employers would are the the discriminating. He took sides with those discriminating against women and expects women to be good sports about it for the sake of the bottom line of companies who pad thier profits by taking advantage of women.
Mike Benton September 23, 2012 at 10:07 AM
Hey Steve, Reagan cut taxes and the debt started to skyrocket. He had to raise taxes back up because of the rising debt. Bush cut taxes and the same thing happened. The debt got out of control. It is now a proven maxim that tax cuts don't pay for themselves. The Reagan style tax cuts for business are an effective stimulus for business investment. But the trickle down effect was overstated and the tax cuts didn't pay for themselves. Don't forget a lot of those Reagan tax cuts are still with us. The Bush tax cuts also had a disappointing trickle down effect. Those tax cuts are still with us. There is no way we can have a thrid round of the same kind of stimulus because of the crippling debt the first two left us with. Moreover, businesses would get the tax cuts and still take advantage of foreign to keep thier personell costs down. Also, employers are averse to hire since they don't want to provide insanely expensive health insurance to new employees. This was not something employers had to deal with durring the Kennedy and Reagan administrations.


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