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So Mandy Lucille Capone and baby Thomas get on the plane and some lady is in her seat. The stewardess pulls Amanda off the plane to tell her she needs to sit in the back of the plane with her 7 month old because some Woman tried to hide her dog in a carry on bag until they heard it whimpering and then told Amanda the dog needs to sit up front. Then Amanda gets to Philadelphia international and rushed to her connecting flight that was leaving in 30 min with her infant and luggage only to realize by the time she got there her plane was gone already. How  did security not see a damn mutt in a carry on bag? Who the hell puts their dog in a bag? Why did the mother and her infant have to move to the back of the plane? Huh US Airways? the woman was acting erratic she was fidgety and nervous she claimed her dog was a therapy dog since when are papions therapy dogs why didnt the lady have a special seat why is it out of all the people there they take the one of a woman and child  the stewardess tried to help but seriously why did the airport not catch on to this why was the dog not in a designated carrier for small dogs she was clearly not blind or def ? also she was not in need of a therapy dog ? i could understand if she was disabled but other than acting weird and scetchy she walked fine talked fine? so why does someone acting and doing illegal things get the benefit of front row even know i paid for front seat ? and missed my plane? i think this is a great story as well as i think that my story should be told o and another thing is i tried contacting the airline multiple times they have ignored me when my mother called they told her to deal with it?> i blasted them on fb and twitter still no response tho they are clearly responding to other peoples issues i just think its really an odd thing to happen and i think the public would want to know


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