LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Shock at Obama, Warren Remarks on Small Businesses

Peabody's Scott Frasca sounds off on recent remarks from President Obama on the success of America's small businesses and entrepreneurs.

[Editor's Note: The letter below refers to specific remarks made by President Obama during a campaign stop in Virginia on July 13. You can read more here.]

It is shocking to hear both President Obama and Elizabeth Warren demonize hard working men and women with their comments and it shows that they truly don’t understand how the private economy works. It takes a vision, commitment, dedication, and personal and financial sacrifice to live the American dream of owning a business and becoming successful.

Warren specifically has spent her entire life in academics. She doesn’t understand how jobs are created and how the economy grows. The fact that she is trying to pit business owners against everyone else is counterproductive to improving the economy especially since she offers no solutions. Americans do not need to be ashamed of success.

Scott Brown knows that we should all be working together to improve this economy, increase hiring, and get America back on track. He doesn’t play class warfare or attack America’s small businesses. Instead he encourages them because he understands the simple fact that private sector growth is good for our entire economy. Elizabeth Warren simply doesn’t understand this, and that is very revealing of how out of touch she is.

Scott Frasca,


Scott Frasca is a local business owner and the Peabody Chairman for U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s 2012 re-election committee.

Whitney Harris July 20, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Business makes government possible. NOT the other way around.
Greg July 20, 2012 at 08:03 PM
People make government possible, not business. And guess what, people even make businesses possible. And NO, businesses are not people. This blind hate of Obama is silly and nonconstructive. All he said is business is possible due to the sacrifices others have made in this country and businesses should keep that in mind and look to pay it forward. Why is this so inflammatory?
Patrick O'Neal July 20, 2012 at 10:40 PM
Of course, it is not "small" businesses that indulge in suspect practices, and I doubt very much that Obama or Warren's comments are directed at barbershops, landscapers or coffeehouses. American corporations have a decades-long history of mass out-sourcing labor into 2nd or 3rd-world markets. Here, labor can be bought extraordinarily cheap and the human rights associated with such labor are stunningly absent. The out-sourcing trend is to find geo-politically friendly countries that have a large poor population willing to endure such practices. These same corporations dump tremendous amounts of money into lobbying efforts that include keeping global "free market" trade as liquid as possible, reducing their exposure to American taxation, stabilizing foreign (sometimes dubious) client governments who desire their foreign capital, minimizing consumer protections, limiting regulation, etc. In short, maximize profit, minimize obstacles... at all cost. Very little kicks back to the American people and their well-being. Big business sees the whole globe as its playing field, not its home country. It's home country is just where it is headquartered and where it must minimize taxation. The American people are just another market for their goods. Our well-being is a far distant after-thought. If this is news or even irksome to some citizens, then they have been on a planet that I am unfamiliar with. Look for politicians who are counterweights to such a reality.
Thomas Wilson July 21, 2012 at 10:03 PM
Really, who paves and plows the roads that lead to these businesses, who educates the people who work at these businesses? Who responds to fires or robberies at these businesses? That's what Obama and Warren are talking about before Scott Brown and the republicans distorted his message.
Erin McDermott July 22, 2012 at 03:55 AM
Ms. Harris, Your comments are a welcome-mat to the most detrimental aspects of an unbridled free-market society. I am a big advocate of American corporations keeping us in the upper echelon of global prosperity, but if you (as voter) cannot see that these corporations need a governing hand to limit their potential economic fallout then you have slept your way through the last decade. Peabody needs to stand behind Democrats in a huge way for no other reason than the majority of residents are working class people... period. Cut out all the campaigning rhetoric and recognize that the Republican message is the message of very large banks and corporations scratching and clawing at the wallets of the American public for more room. If you do not hear this in the current campaign cycle then you are tone-deaf.


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