LETTER: 'Main Street Corridor Project Will Benefit Peabody and Its Residents'

Peabody native and downtown business owner Tony Vargas says the end product for Main Street will only help his and other shops downtown and benefit residents as well.

I’m writing to express my support of Peabody’s Main Street Corridor project, which I believe will benefit the city of Peabody and its residents.

Having substantially benefited from being a life-long resident of Peabody, I am committed to our city -- giving back to our community and investing in it.

As part of that commitment, I give back to our city through my volunteer work with the high school’s vocational technical cosmetology program – a program from which I was the first male to graduate, and to which I owe my gratitude for providing my career training and livelihood. I’ve also honored my commitment to our community by choosing Peabody as the place to school my children and raise my family, and as a homeowner, to invest my real estate tax dollars.

As a small business owner, I recently made a well-considered decision to continue to locate my business on Main Street, when seeking a larger space for its expansion. As part of that decision-making process, I’ve also decided that the city of Peabody is the place I want to continue investing my business tax dollars.

I’ve made that decision not only because of my commitment to the community my business serves, but also because I believe that upcoming improvements to Main Street will positively affect my ability to attract new customers and provide easier and safer access to my salon.

Slowing and calming traffic as well as bolstering the attractiveness of the corridor as a shopping and services destination will increase the visibility and prosperity of my business, the safety of my customers, and ultimately the bottom-line of all businesses located within the Main Street Corridor.

Yes, it’s true that during the construction process our lives will be disrupted with traffic delays and detours, but I believe these are small, short-term inconveniences when weighed against the economic benefits of transforming Main Street from a cut-through, four-lane highway, into a vibrant and prosperous city asset.

The trickle-down effect of Main Street’s transformation will increase revenue for our city, allowing us to have better schools for our children, a safer environment in which to raise our families, and more opportunities for community development and growth.

Peabody is my home, and my livelihood and the future of my family depend upon its growth and success.

The Main Street Corridor transformation is good for Peabody small business viability, and I look forward to its completion, when Peabody will reap the rewards of its project commitment and patience during the construction process.

Tony Vargas,

Exclusive Hair Design,


Ron Ridley September 20, 2012 at 06:35 PM
"Slowing and calming traffic" sounds nice but I don't see that happening. My expectation when the work is done, the traffic will be so bad at times that I will be taking an alternative route and bypassing the square completely.
Peter P September 20, 2012 at 07:43 PM
Yet another reason to avoid downtown. Guess I, and many other drivers, will have to use the surrounding side streets to avoid this area. So, if the goal was to cause more traffic in residential areas, then I guess this is a wonderful idea. I, for one, would rather not have our side streets turn into speedways. Why anyone would ever want to travel downtown is beyond my comprehension. Mr. Bettencourt: I don't want my downtown to turn into Salem pt II.....and, by the way, it never will!
M September 28, 2012 at 06:47 PM
When I sit in traffic, I see it as my :) opportunity to look around and see all the things I usually miss when driving the speed limit. Same applys on highways.. especially route 1 which is always changing and adding. What's the rush? If you don't view the traffic as a problem, then it isn't one. If we want to increase revenue in our town, then doesn't it make sense that travelers thru Peabody Square be pesented with an although unavoidable, but opportunity to glance at the places they can spend their money? You see it as traffic, why not view it as people lined up to spend.
M September 28, 2012 at 06:49 PM


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