LETTER: Tierney 'An Empty Suit'; Tisei Puts Conscience, Constituents Ahead of Party

This self-described "frustrated" Peabody voter says it's time for Tierney to come home from Washington for good -- she doesn't believe he's done much of anything for Peabody or the 6th Congressional District.

To say that I am a frustrated voter would be an understatement when it comes to this election. For the past sixteen years I have had to call John Tierney my Congressman, when he doesn’t do anything for Peabody or the district. He’s just an empty suit and now is the time to run him out of town.

I was raised in a Democratic household in Charlestown, and always admired leaders like President Kennedy and Speaker Tip O’Neill, but this crop that we’ve been told to "hold our nose and vote for" just doesn’t cut it. I am pro-choice; I think decisions about a woman’s body should be between herself and her doctor, not somebody I’ve never met. But this doesn’t mean I think that my tax dollars should pay for someone else’s birth control. When there are so many people who are hungry and in need of assistance, we have better places to spend our resources.

John Tierney, to put it simply, is not a man worthy of the office he’s holding. He’s a liar, a cheater and incredibly ineffective at being our voice in Washington.

I am fully confident [in] Richard Tisei, someone whom I have seen as a leader in the state legislature who has consistently put his conscience and constituents ahead of partisan politics. This contrast makes my vote an easy one in the race for Congress in supporting Richard Tisei.

Sue Beaulieu,


Steve October 03, 2012 at 04:49 AM
Hoora! Thank you ... Your letter is spot on. Go Tisei!


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