Deadly Intersection

I would like to know when the city plans on doing something about the issue with the intersection of Tremont St. and Central St. in Peabody. People seem to think it is two lanes on Central St. So when they get to Tremont they pass on the right. I can say there are at least 10 accidents a month because of this, some of which are not even reported.
   Take a look back and you will find that two fedex trucks took down the same telephone pole in twice in one week. Is the city going to wait for someone to get seriously hurt before something is done about this issue?
    There is a crosswalk there and I even cringe at the thought of crossing the street. No one stops, and forget it if its icy, you can pretty much guarentee that someone is going to hit the fire hydrant. Again most times leaving the scene.
   I am hoping someone besides me has seen the problems this intersection is causing. And I pray someone willdo something about it before it is to late.

Deb Andruskiewicz


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